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web site certificate authority???

I am not so computer literate as some of you, could someone please explain why I am now getting a "does not recognize web site authority" message every time I click an article on this site?
I use netscape if that makes any difference.. and I have never seen the message before.
what is a certificate of authority anyway --- and why does it mention some oil company?
I've seen it before 28.Aug.2003 22:27

MS Explorer

and it just started after 9:00 pm tonight.

this has only happened intermittently since the 'new' website formatting earlier this year.

yes this has happened before 29.Aug.2003 00:37


It just means someone put an image link to an https (secure) site instead of http. That's all, just a typo, no reason to become alarmed. I will ring it up again to people and hope that it does not happen again in the future. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dump IE 29.Aug.2003 04:31


If you want view, stop using anything related to Microsoft and etc. They have no respect for your privacy. Bottomline if I was sit it on your computer in a few short minutes I could see every password your typed into Internet Explorer. I haven't played around with Netscape but I'm guessing it's not far off.

If you ask what should I use then:


Mozilla 29.Aug.2003 10:27

no one in particular

ne: Mozilla (which netscape is based on, so this probably also applies to Netscape, though I don't know for sure) allows you to turn password remembering off. And if you don't want to do that, it also allows you to specify a pass phrase for you passwords, and then they are public-key encrypted and can only be decrypted with that pass phrase.

Also, it's free software, unlike Opera!