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Peace Camp WE MISS YOU

Props in a huge way to Peace Camp for speaking truth to power, keeping it in the face of the complacent bozos inhabitting that marble shithole known as Vera's palac. Those cretins were too timid (or bought off?) to pass an anti-Iraq war resolution! Like the Argentines said: All of them out!

Peace Camp, though diminished from 5 months of continuous cop harrassment was still holding forth on the sidewalk at City Hall on August 21 when Bush II imposed his vile presence on Cascadia. Thereafter little evidence of its existence is to be found. Where are you Peace Campers? Certainly not jailed? Let us know you are o.k.! Thank you for having infinitely more guts than the clowns inside! And for reminding the beloved public that the war is not over nor is the empire building, and for putting logic on the line against the unconstitutional "sit-lie" criminalization of the poor! Down but not out! Viva Peace Camp! Hip hip hooray! [ Read more... ]

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