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community building a21 bush protests

y anti bush in p-town?

super speech
Bush came to Portland on AUG 21st, as you all probably know, to try to steal our money... and our dignity.
As a kid born in Portland Oregon, having the chance to live in SE, NE and now SW Portland, I feel a strong affiliation for the land here in Oregon. From The Pacific, to Mt. Hood. From the Willamette River, to Klamath Falls. From Astoria to Portland to Eugene to Ashland. But Portland, The City of Roses - Little Beirut if you will, is a city I hold in high adoration. I have more patriotism for the city of Portland then any nation or country. I hold the people of the city of Portland to a higher lever of accountability, ethics, progressive morals and responsibility. I hold the Portland Community that is us all to a higher level of trustworthiness then I have in other states I have lived.
Sometimes I forget that not all Oregonians love this land as much as I do. Not as many Portlanders have as much family heritage in this city as I do. And I certainly don't have as much as some. (Native Americans - for example).
I strongly believe in the public spirit of The City Of Roses, that great unyielding passion and "spirit of the Northwest" that the corporate news has coined so well. I believe that all of us here at P.P.R.C. in front of City Hall and all of us in the progressive community weather radical or otherwise feel this allegiance to Cascaidea. I am Loyal to those individuals of Portland to whom span from Teachers and Students from the Environmental Middle school to Reed to Lewis and Clark Collage. I believe that the revolution - which my fellow workers, organizers and friends and I speak of so much will be born HERE, in the city of Bread and Roses. BUSH IS NOT WELCOME HERE! Neither is KEROKER!!! Neither is Vera Katz! My Hand does not reach out to these individuals who have proven UN-PORTLAND like.

That is why I say more then the two thousand dollar lunch, more then PPS's tainted education system that Vera calls "Different colors of money" - but means skin. More then the institutional racism and classisim that has a strangle hold on the Capitalist Portland Business Alliance and the brutish Portland Police Department. much, much, more then the destruction of Oregon's old-growth forests by companies like Boise Cascade - who send paid propagandists to PPS middle schools to convince your kids and grandkids that New growth forests are healthier then old ones. Much MORE then the Rape of what use to be Beautiful Ross Island by the Lying Ross island Sand and Gravel Company who have Pulled out now that they have Ravaged all they could leaving a super fund site, just killing the river. But I am getting off topic and this is probably boring most of you who want to march. I Just wanted to say to you all on this beautiful Portland Friday, that WE ARE STRONG. And that when we chant "Who's streets? ... Our streets!" I take it very, very personally. Because they are.
This is our city. I can taste an Eden. A utopia of nature and people coexisting together. And just as I can smell the fresh day after a rainstorm in November -my body tingling... I can smell Revolution.