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Peace Camp WE MISS YOU

Props in a huge way to Peace Camp for speaking truth to power, keeping it in the face of the complacent bozos inhabitting that marble shithole known as Vera's palac. Those cretins were too timid (or bought off?) to pass an anti-Iraq war resolution! Like the Argentines said: All of them out!
Peace Camp, though diminished from 5 months of continuous cop harrassment was still holding forth on the sidewalk at City Hall on August 21 when Bush II imposed his vile presence on Cascadia. Thereafter little evidence of its existence is to be found. Where are you Peace Campers? Certainly not jailed? Let us know you are o.k.! Thank you for having infinitely more guts than the clowns inside! And for reminding the beloved public that the war is not over nor is the empire building, and for putting logic on the line against the unconstitutional "sit-lie" criminalization of the poor!
Down but not out! Viva Peace Camp! Hip hip hooray!
Viva!!! 25.Aug.2003 22:02

Stump Villager

I saw one (recent) peace camper at the Chimp's rally. I just went by a couple of hours ago and was disappointed to see not a trace.

I enthusiasticly tip my hat to Todd, and all the rest of the camp participants and supporters that have maintained a steady thorn in the side of local (and national) Corporate rule, ever since the very start of the latest round of American international atrocity.

I salute the creativity, enthusiasm, and commitment of the Camp!

A status on the "bitter enders" would be nice.

one perspective 26.Aug.2003 01:49

an update

the peace encampment regrouped on the opposite side of 4th avenue from where they had been for five months, after the police used the illegal sit-lie ordinance to destroy everyone's right to freedom of speech and assembly.

after wednesday, when the cops raided and busted things up and campers moved to the city hall side of the street, vera stationed at least one cop on the scene for 24 hours per day. (sadly this cop, who changed every shift like all modular fascists, was not about peace and was only there to personally f*** with anyone who stood on the sidewalk.

(apparently katz was out of town when the new 'rule' went into effect. i think she demanded that 'those people' be gone by the time she got back. well when she returned and found them EVEN CLOSER TO CITY HALL THAN BEFORE she must have flipped out!)

i am unsure where the 'bitter enders' (as someone called them) have gone, but i don't expect this city has heard the last of the peace encampment, especially as people gird up to sue the city for false arrest, the unconstitutional sit-lie 'law', and the cops' unfettered power (and willingness) to arrest anyone they damn well please, for any or no reason...

viva la peace encampment!!

one perspective more 26.Aug.2003 02:24


i forgot to mention that i think the peace encampment was being harrassed and wrongfully jailed to the max. for several days, if they were on the sidewalk, they were being arrested and their property stolen. there are no rules of engagement with the 'authorities' of portland anymore, and no principal of justice the cops are not willing and eager to sh*t on.


Dear Peace Encampment: 26.Aug.2003 09:24

Thanks for all you've done.

Thank you for sticking it out at the camp for so long. 5 months is a long time. The Peace Campers should still be there. It is terrible to realize that the Constitution means nothing in Portland.

The police and city hall assault on the Peace Encampment is the epitome of fascism. Changing laws, harrassing arresting, videotaping supporters, stealing property.....all of it was a disgusting abuse of power. Everyone involved in attacking those citizens for exercising the freedom of speech and assembly should be ashamed.

Thankfully though both the police and city officials were very stupid about their efforts to rid the city of the Peace Encampment. Neither a public official's oath to defend the Oregon Constitution nor the police duty to protect and serve includes oppressing citizens. Almost everything done to the Peace Campers violated their civil rights and now the legal battle begins.

Question to activists: Standing up for civil rights, peace and justice DOES NOT mean going to the PPRC rally once a week. I, along with a few others, stood by the Peace Encampment. Where were you?

Thank You 26.Aug.2003 16:57


I was happy to pitch in where I could. I was never quite able to spend a whole night there.
It is amazing what people will put up with when it is a worthy cause. It seemed anti-climactic the way things fell apart in the end.
We won a decisive victory against oppression in our struggles. Now it goes to the court room, and the relm of public opinion. Keep making efforts wherever you are in honor of the sacrifices of the campers.

They are all noble spirits who see the right path and follow it.

Every action counts 28.Aug.2003 17:29

Skwirl ominous_squirrel@hotmail.com

Question to activists: Standing up for civil rights, peace and justice DOES NOT mean going to the PPRC rally once a week. I, along with a few others, stood by the Peace Encampment. Where were you?
Please don't start this holier than thou crap. You deminish the sacrifices of a hell of a lot of people when you say things like this. Working towards a free and truly democratic ideal means that everyone is free to make the personal decision to choose their own level of participation and their own level of comfort when engaging in non-violent action.

My own experience with civil disobedience has shown me that protest is a deeply personal, existential and spiritual act. Poopooing another person's actions for not being radical enough strikes me as a hurtful attack, even if that was clearly not your intention. The PPRC weekly rally fulfills a very important niche, puts their own safety on the line in their own way and is integral to anti-war progress in Portland. Besides, people just don't wake up one day and decide to get arrested for their beliefs. Less radical actions give new protesters the courage and community connections necesary to live up to their ideal moral selves.

Where have all the campers gone? 30.Aug.2003 07:02


5:00 pm
Title Potluck Picnic @ Peace Camp
Portland OR
Location Terry Schrunk Plaza at SW 4th & Jefferson
Phone Contact 971-570-7018
Topic / Issue Civil Rights
Sponsor Peace Camp
"Bring-a-Dish" weekly potluck and Fund-Raiser.
All donations used to provide Legal Defense.

Come join the partay
contribute your presence
contribute your art
contribute your music
contribute your food.

AWWWWWWWW 01.Sep.2003 20:05

Alex ZEisberg guitarfreak2910@aol.com

Well no doubt when the peace camp started it was great. Until 'they' 'revised' the PPC's meaning fot being there. The reson to be there in the first place was to protest the illegal war. So first we were gona stay until the bombs stop falling. Well it seems that has stopped. THen they said of well thats not enough we WANT to stay here until the US gets out of IRAQ and then they changed the reson for being there agian and now its for portland to talk a look at the homeless problem and the for the US to get out of iraq. AM I TAKING CRAZY PILLS OR SOEMTHING!! this does not go together. HOMELESSNESS AND U.S. IN IRAQ

Ok stay but dont keep the name. ITs like you guys just want to like be homeless for a reason but i dont think it will solve anything being there.

Also i thought hey protesting could stop the war. If there are enough protest then the war will stop because bush will relize he is the only one that wants that.

I was at the peace camp and speaking with one of the 'key' players down there and he said "Ha i knew i couldnt stop the war by being here." He went homeless for this cause. This MAN WENT HOMELESS FOR STANGING OUTSIDE. Maybe there is a deeper meaning to what he did but i sure the hell dont see it. NOw i am somewhat ashamed when soemone is talking to me about that. I have to tell them that it was a good cause but now its basicly gone to hell. That is very embarrising.

Anyways maybe you can inform me of the Deeper meaning to all of this PPC stuff.