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redred is free!~~thank-you so mcuh!

just an update and thanks
Here is the latest statement from redred (Lori Chavez), a Portland anarcha-feminist who was facing felony charges following the Mobilization to Shut Down the Ministers of Agriculture and WTO (Sacramento, CA, mid-June). redred was initially accused of using a slingshot to shoot out the window of a state building during this protest. This translated into a felony Malicious Destruction of Property charge, carrying with it the possibility of up to five years in prison. Thanks to the support of her community and the pressure brought to bear against the District Attorney, redred's lawyer Dean Johansen was able to engineer a deal far more favorable than expected on Friday, August 22nd. Here are redred's comments on the latest developments:

"Hola compeneros,
"Well, after a short but hard battle I have settled my score with the state of California. The verdict, I plead to the misdemeanor of graffiti in order to get the felony. Through some great fucking luck my lawyer wiggled me out of 90 days in sac county jail and got me.......
"65 DAYS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE!!! YES that's right! Can you believe it!!
"My decision to avoid trial and take a plea was a hard one to make, but after realizing that I was fighting the strong arm of the state in their playing field I realized there was no point in wasting energy in a losing battle. Especially if pigs were willing to lie on the stand to convict me. I would rather see my energy and that of my community spent fighting a smarter battle.
"I wanted to let everyone to know that I value all the help and support that I received during this court battle. Everyone who gave their time and funds for this case I thank-you so much. Also, to everyone who just offered me some space or some kind words of solidarity you helped me stand and fight. This experience has helped me realize what solidarity and community is. Its not just the person I see everyday or organize with, it's everyone out their working towards the same goal of autonomy. I could never say enough thank-you's, so I can only hope to see all of you some day and be able to give you a big hug and thank-you in person!!
"In Solidarity and outta fuckin' jail - redred"

Funds are still needed for related expenses and towards court-ordered restitution. If you are able to do a fundraiser, please send funds to:

REDRED Legal Fund
PO Box 15289
Portland, OR 97293

For further information, please contact:  redredlegal@yahoo.ocm
Great news! 23.Aug.2003 21:28

jules bonnot

This is about the best that could have come out of a shitty situation. I'm so glad redred is out rockin' it for anarchy and freedom, and not worrying about prison any more - she's got better things to do!
Thanks to all the comrades who helped the work along while redred was facing the felony charge, and thank you redred for reprazentin' with dignity and passion.

congrats! 23.Aug.2003 23:48


I feel bad for not writing any letters, but I'm sure glad other people did! Congratulations Redred! Good for you for backing those pigs down on their heavy handed felony bullshit!

Hey Remember ME Red Red? 26.Nov.2003 21:43

It is your freaking brother from Big Tula moeztogoez@aol.com

Well Lori where you now? It was a blast this summer, A $250.00 blast in my wallet Nazi pigs. Keep your spirits up and remember wo molded you to the way you are now. ME!