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Where is the LOVE?

The US vs THEM has to stop!
We got ONE World.
We have to share.
This means allowing the Evil to be Evil and the Non-Evil to be Non-Evil. We are all different.
People will not attempt to open their eyes to the truth if someone is spitting at them.
They should be shown the overwhelming LOVE that true Freedom and Liberty eminates.
It should be like magitisim.
We have to show them what real LOVE is, which cannot exist with out TRUTH.

Cops, Capitalists, Republicans, etc. are not our enemy. They are our children.
Love is how children should be raised to understand what is just and unjust.

Live and let live.
Love the Truth
Live the Truth.
Live the Love.

Peace be with us all.
So Be It
piss the fuck off, loser 23.Aug.2003 16:26


While I will grant you that all humanity, if not all life on the planet, is in the same boat, hippy-dippy platitudes will get you nowhere. Those pathetic fucks that you mentioned...Cops, Capitalists, Republicans, etc...should be crushed. Sure they're children, but children with guns. First they must be disarmed. After that, you can nurture all you like. I'd prefer to let them starve.

That's Right 23.Aug.2003 17:19


That's right dipshit. We do have guns, why don't you try to disarm us.

Re: Republican 23.Aug.2003 17:59

No need

You folks are so scared and ignorant, you can't help but shoot yourselves and each other in the foot. The US military has more firepower than you could ever dream of, yet they are losing 2+ ill advised wars. Why is that? Are they losing because they secretly support Saddam?

who needs Republicons when you've got the MARINES 23.Aug.2003 19:51

semper fi

right on 23.Aug.2003 20:28


finally some "progressive" thoughts on the daily bullshit. one existence one being and many many different faces and forms. being different doesnt mean being separate. its so much easier to be closed and hate and takes much guts these days to open up and love. love the haters, love the hated.

Cops, Capitalists, Republicans are the enemy. 23.Aug.2003 21:45

Stop Fascism!

Fuck the fascists.

Wait!! 23.Aug.2003 22:14


When I first read this post I thought it was very powerful, but more powerful than it was the responces that people gave. Why do people react so violently to the suggestion of peace? Everyone is human, and there is something good in everyone. I would suggest that all opposed to peace on the homefront and in their hearts needs to meet some people that have different views than them. Look at your the people that you talk to most often, do they all have basically the same ideology as you? that should change, it would help everyone stay more open minded.

People are people, even if they are in a suit, or look like a scene from starwars. They cry, they have stories. talk to them sometime, they might change your life.

huh? 24.Aug.2003 00:07

just as angry as you....

Lets just all agree to disagree about the petty bullshit - we're all still winding down from the visit from W - we need to all just remember to focus our attention on whats important - HOW MUCH WE HATE THAT DAMN COWBOY - ok? We are making progress...

absolute vs. relative 24.Aug.2003 00:41


You need to read up a little on philosophy and metaphysics, Bushwhacker. This is all well trodden ground. It's called the paradox of the absolute and the relative. In an absolute sense, science would explain that all men and women are physicochemically equal. In an absolute sense, Buddhism would explain that all apparently distinct beings are actually manifestations of the one Dharma. In an absolute sense, biology would explain that all humans and indeed all animals spring from the same evolutionary process of life on Earth, and indeed every atom and molecule gets recycled over and over infinitely many times. Every part of me was once part of a cop, or a jellyfish, or a scorpion, or a supernova. And yet, there's also that pesky relative reality, which is also equally real.

In that relative reality, some cops beat people up for no reason, or because they are sadists and get an adrenaline rush from it. In that relative reality, capitalism pits bosses against workers. In that relative reality, an auto executive decides to sacrifice x hundreds of people in car crashes instead of spending $2 per car for a plastic baffle around the rear fuel tank. Etc, etc.

The problem for us is to learn how live humanely and positively in a world which contains both these realities, both the relative and the absolute, not to attempt to ignore or suppress our awareness of either.

Evolving 24.Aug.2003 08:34


na's comment is thoughtful. Lead me to thinking that human consciousness and goverment institutions are part of the evolvtionary process. Over 150 years ago Henry David Thoreau in the opening of the essay civil disobedience said , "The Goverment is best which governs lest, Carried out fully, That goverment is best which governs not at all and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of goverment they have.

Try a little harder 24.Aug.2003 13:20


I was at the protest because I wanted Bu$h to see that I was aware of his unjust acts and that I am not going to ignore them.
I was not there to make fun of or put shame on the cops and donors. I don't know them.
They are most likely ignorant hence the analogy of "children". Ignorance is excusable and should not be punished. They should be educated.
If they repeat the same act knowingly it is time to "punish" or reform them. If they do it repeatedly we call them $hrub and they need to be removed from human society.

Even then it is obvious that they need serious help and if we use fear, guilt, and intimidation to reform their ways it will not last. Not only that it is the same tactics that "They" use so It makes "Us" no more righteous. And as we all know it does not work for very long on us.

It is easier for us to use the same methods that we were trained with and that is why Love seems harder. We have lived for thousands of years on this beautiful planet in oppression. Every day I wake up I am sick of it. I don't allow myself to forget. I want to destroy this system of tyranny more than anything in this life but I know "fighting" never brings peace. I still get emotional and forget that some times but it is getting harder to forget. It only shows my weakness when I fight against those who have "power" over me.

I have chosen to laugh at the ignorant like you laugh at a child that does something silly. Not condescending but with Love.
Every child wants to be accepted and loved.

I know we can show Love that is irritable and they will follow. It is the way MLK, Gandhi and Yeshua ben Joseph (aka Jesus) did it.
And what great and lasting changes they made.

Just like the process of growing up goes through a phase of destroying everything (6 months - 3 years old) the next phase we learn to create and build. It is easier to destroy but it takes great strength to create something new.

A global family based on Truth, Knowledge, Love, Respect, Life, Logic, true Freedom and Wisdom is what I am talking about.

We don't have to agree or even like each other as long as we Respect. I see that as the first stone we must place in foundation of a new era of human existence.

Got Respect?

keep yak'n 24.Sep.2003 20:14


in about another 200 years you'll be back to sitting around the camp fire looking for food thinking about all the things you used to have,
then it will take about another 5,000 years to achive it again..... du

I Have The Answer 08.Oct.2003 06:55


Look; there is a simple solution to everything in life and in this case it is 42. Douglas Adams, the genuius behind this theory, states clearly in his published works that the answer to life the universe and everything is 42. If everyone could just accept this and take it as a given rule the world would be a much nicer place. Sure there would still be wars and general massacre of the innocents going on but at least everyone would have something solid to hang on to. Also maybe if we all just smiled once in a while you'd see that life isn't all bad (unless your an Iraqi that is: then lifes not too peachy right now) Now the question however is a competly different matter..........