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Petition to Howard Dean expressing serious concerns with his hawkish Mideast stance and relationship to AIPAC
There is a new petition to presidential candidate Howard Dean to request a response to hawkish statements he has made about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and his relationship with AIPAC. The purpose is to get feedback from his campaign to 'set the record straight' and to let him know that he is losing a lot of voters on this issue.

Please go to  http://www.stop-us-military-aid-to-israel.net/deanpetition/ to help us express our concerns to Dean. Be sure to go to your email after you sign and confirm by clicking the link that is sent. This is to add integrity to the petition.

Thank you for your participation!

homepage: homepage: http://www.stop-us-military-aid-to-israel.net/deanpetition/

why bother 25.Aug.2003 01:27


trying to turn him into Dennis Kucinich... ? Just get on the right team.

I think it's time for liberals to get REAL...... 25.Aug.2003 23:37

Forme Deaniac

Hey, I have been a staunch supporter of Dean for many months.

And I have shelved his stance on AIPAC since I heard. I don't think we need a petition. He has made it clear: He stands by AIPAC philosophies and "standards."

But the breaking point for me came early this morning when I read the CNN transcripts about Dean saying he would be happy to have Clark run as his VP. I was HORRIFIED! No offense to the good General...but he belongs in the Pentagon and no where else. Certainly nnot in the executive office.

I sent an email to Dean's national campaign early this morning asking WTF? And I got some bullshit response from some little volunteer telling to Stay tuned to the Dean campaign. Oh yeah, I will.

Dean has not represented himself as a LIBERAL, but he has tapped into the hearts of many liberals. And that was smart of him. On the entire political spectrum, what group is most likely going to get out of bed on a Sat morning and go put fliers up over town for a rally? What group is most likely going to actively recruit for the campaign? It's the liberals......we have always been the work horses of the political world.

And I think Dean is using us, and he will trade our votes for the Bush-lite votes by running with Clark (who can't even tell us what party he is registered with!). I think we need to put a serious wrench in the DEAN INTERNET PHENOMENON. If I wanted more military solutions in the USA, I could save myself a TON of time and money and worry and just let Bush steal the next election.

Here are two messages I put on the Dean blogs tonite. I am *sure* they will get deleted:

Wow.....in 24 hours I have gone from a rabid Dean supporter to one of the most cynical democrats on the face of the earth.

Dean is talking up a possible GENERAL Wesley Clark as VP. That's the military industrial complex folks. I call on ALL TRUE LIBERALS to think twice. I think Dean is using us because we are such an amazing force in the grassroots aspect of campaigning. We have taken Dean to where he is today. And he is going to TRADE US for the bush-lite votes. Bash away....there was never a more devoted Deanite than me.....but I won't walk around blindly and pretend that this connection to Clark is "well, okay.....if it takes some votes from Bush...we have to do it."

Now I hear that the draft Clark organization has a very unsavory dude (a guy named Jason MacIntosh, who openly works for Edwards, but is the PO Box addressee for the draftclark donation envelopes).

Turns out that David Walters (who works for DEAN, and no doubt hopes for a position in the WH) knows this Jason.....

More will be revealed in the coming days. In fact, that was the Dean national campaign's response to my very concerned email this morning: Stay tuned to the campaign!

There is a tangled web in the Dean/Clark world.

And I feel immensely betrayed. I should have listened to all those people telling me...DON'T TRUST DEAN! I want my contribution money back so I can give it to Kucinich!


Calling on all TRUE LIBERALS:

Have the true blue liberals out there missed Dean's comment on CNN that he would consider running Clark as VP, that he talks to him often, and that they are on the same page?

Have liberals made the connection that this centrist named Dean might just be a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Have liberals made the connection that Dean is in FULL SUPPORT of terrorist Israel (which I shelved against my best judgment because I figured maybe we could effect policy once Dean was in)? But that now...with the talk about CLARK running on a Dean ticket......that Dean wants to bring into the executive branch (just like Bush) the military department?

Are we not completely and totally opposed to anything MILITARY running our govt from the white house? Military people should be in the military dept.....under the direction of the exec branch and the oversight of Congress. That's what our country was founded on.

Has anyone thought that maybe Joe Trippi is soooooooo smart to know that if you want to get a campaign off the ground, you tap into the liberal crowd to make it happen? That it's the liberals who will go out house to house because we are so passionate about DEMOCRACY and POLITICS?

I think Dean is going to sell us out after we get him through the primary. I really do.

And this is coming from a former DEANIAC......just 24 hours ago I was walking on air after our sleepless summer tour. But the news of a General in the white house......makes my skin crawl.

WTF? 26.Aug.2003 00:13


Clark is left of Dean politically. He's a Rhodes Scholar, and apparently quite an all around smart guy. I'd certainly like to more about him myself. But what upsets you so much about Clark? He was despised by the Pentagon. He's no General Patton. He's a supremely educated, thinking man, who directed peace-keeping and anti-genocide missions in the Balkans. (Please don't go on about how no genocide occurred...that's getting pretty tired).

Knowing what little I know of Clark now, I'd certainly not want to vote him into office. But I can't imagine why you'd abandon Dean because of the possibility that Clark may be on the ticket. How can you dislike the man so much when you don't even know much about him?

James.....I will tell you...... 26.Aug.2003 00:34

Former Deaniac

Just to get it out of the way.......I was 100% behind the balkans operations; and am so proud that we did put an end to the genocide that went on there.

You are the 2nd person who has told me today that Clark is to the left of Dean. And I ask, what PARTY is Clark in? No one knows; he isn't saying. Why? Because he might want to run as a republican. He's keeping his options open. That's scary. (At least Lieberman is willing to admit he is a republican! Just kiddin'.........even though he is a repuke!)

The USA has become a military bully. We need people in the white house who are interested in solutions based on the social compact that a world power is obligated to withhold. Military people solve problems through miliary means. And rightfully so!!!

By the time we kick bush out of off.....OMG, I can't even fathom how big the mess will be that will have to first be cleaned up. It's incomprehensible to me.

I don't HATE Clark......I just don't think the time is right to put a military person into the white house.

My ire is directed toward Dean (not Clark). Hey, for all the draft clark folks out there........all the power to you. But I don't want my vote (and blood, sweat and tears) to go that direction. And I would say that there are an awful lot of Dean supporters who will feel the same. Why? Because Dean fed us with what we wanted to hear.

If Dean runs with Clark, that just proves that Dean is bush-lite, if only for the fact that Dean thinks he can only win IF he adds a "national security" plug into the campaign. Shoot.....this national security war on terror is a neo-con falsehood. Adhering to a strong global social compact is what is going to win the day in this post-9/11 world we are living in.

And isn't that Bush's greatest crime? That he turned 9/11 into a military opportunity (among other things) and made the USA huge bullies when we had the love of the entire EARTH on our side. Why are we buying into continued military presence within the exec office? That's just typical democrat fear-based politics......where we let the friggin repukes definite the platform. I had hoped for more vision from Dean.

I am going to look at Kucinich for a while........and not make any decisions about my support for any candidate. But that means I won't be stomping for anyone.....and believe me.......I can talk up a candidate like there's no tomorrow.

I understand what you're saying... 26.Aug.2003 00:52


...And I won't discourage you from looking at Kucinich. But I'd just suggest that you not wholly write off the Dean campaign based on the possibilities of Clark's attachment to the ticket. It seems to me that Clark has not spoken much about his politics just because he's not decided whether or not he wants to enter the race. Whether or not he wants his politics to be a public matter. And other similar reasons.

I'd be extremely surprised if Clark announced his candidacy, or his addition to an existing presidential ticket, and it turned out he was conservative.

Here's an interview Clark gave to Salon.com a while back:  http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2003/03/24/clark/index.html

From my perspective, Clark is not much to get excited over one way or the other -- he's pretty neutral. But there is a certain electability about him. And if that helps to get rid of Bush...I won't look a gift-horse in the mouth.

Also, consider that some progressive presidents have been former generals. Andrew Jackson, for one. Though I'm not sure American Society and Culture in 1865 is much the same as today.