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Come to have your picture taken with Puppet President Bush

Puppet President Bush will be at the Rally for Reproductive Rights, to help us raise money to stop the right wing attack.
Please join us today on a celebration to protect our right to choose.

We have a great program with musicians and writers like Fern Capella, Katleen Juergens, Gina James, and Elizabeth Bull. Also, a great selection of speakers will be here to empower you. They'll share information to raise awareness on what President Bush has on his agenda regarding our right to choose, and what to do to stop him.

Come and get informed and stop the right wing attack!

President Bush just came to Portland to raise dirty money for his campaign. It cost the city thousands of dollars for his visit. People paid $2000 a plate to help him continue his war. Well guess what, Bush is also going to help us raise money, but for a better cause. He (or a reasonable facsimile) will be at the rally today, and you can have your picture taken at a most reasonable price. Today is your opportunity; instead of $2,000 we will ask you for only $2.иии.

In order to express freedom of speech in a public park, the city is not only taking out tax dollars, but is asking us to pay extra for permits to use the park, noise permits, use of electricity, etc.

We have been working non-stop to pull this event all together and we urgently need your support.
Best of Luck With the Event 23.Aug.2003 11:35

North Portlander

Sounds like you get more bang for your bucks with the "fake" Bush photo session. I wonder what kind of perverse thrill those wealthy supporters got being treated like human ATM machines or passive milk cows for the Bush juggernaut?

What are the rally's details????? 23.Aug.2003 13:59


Where and when..................