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SUV Owners of America

Excerpt of SUV Owners of America Statement in Response to Earth Liberation Front's (ELF) Torching of SUVs: This assault is precisely the reason SUVOA is demanding other anti-SUV extremists to cease and desist their activities. With their misguided efforts and often times fact-challenged statements, people like Arianna Huffington of the Detroit Project, Rev. Jim Ball of the Evangelical Environmental Network and Robert Kennedy Jr., of the Natural Resources Defense Council, are doing nothing more than encouraging the dangerous and criminal antics of out-of- control zealots, like the Earth Liberation Front ... SUVOA was formed to give voice to the 24 million SUV owners whose rights are being trampled by special interest and activist groups, as well as to provide consumers with practical information about their SUVs.

COMMENTS: Lying Media Bastards Took me a couple of minutes, but after googling the SUVOA's mailing address, I found the info I was looking for. The SUVOA office was shared by several other front-group-sounding orgs: the American Highway Users Alliance, the Heartland Institute, the Global Environmental Management Initiative, and completely coincidently, PR firm Stratacomm Inc... And if we had any lingering doubts, we could look at the list of Stratacomm's client list: DaimlerChrysler, American Automobile Manufacturers Association, Ford Motor Company. straybulletins Rollover stats mislead The overal death/paralyis rate for SUV drivers is actually slightly higher than for cars. They have a 3-4 times higher rollover rate than cars which increases with the greater the payload in the SUV which is why you hear of so many SUVs loaded with people rolling on the freeways. The SUVs are also worse in single vehicle collisions like hitting a tree or bridge abutment because they are built on truck frames which have no shock absorbing crumple zone like car hoods do. Their roofs also crush much easier in rollovers. SUVs are also much more likely to roll after a collision as well. Side impacts of SUVs from even a very small car is enough to roll a large SUV which has caused many fatalities. Rollover law is the newest fastest- growing specialty of law. Rollover News [ Read More ] [ http://www.suvoa.com | Astro-turfing | Astroturfing - Fake Grassroots Media Outreach ]