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Someone operating as a dupe for logging interests, or even more insidiously, for the Bush regime, started two massive fires for the backdrop of his visit. It remains to be seen if the 'public' U.S. national forest service will conduct a proper investigation into the cause of the fires. It also remains to be seen if the mainstream media will cover this issue properly. What can we do?
These are quotes from an article by KGW and associated press staff about the massive fires that sprang up at THE EXACT SAME TIME in the EXACT SAME AREA that Dubya Bush was going to present his plan for 'healthy forests.' This plan calls to cut down OUR TREES and OUR FOREST for the profits of major logging interests. I was reciently hiking and camping in this area and there is so much beautiful old growth pine there it makes me sick to my stomach to think that this it probably ARSON.

KGW and AP article quotes: The Booth and Bear Butte fires, located 14 miles west of Sisters, stood at a combined 24,290 acres after after cool humid air and light rain slowed down the raging inferno that had overrun fire lines, destroyed scattered buildings, and forced the evacuation of some 1,500 campers and summer residents. Camp Sherman was evacuated Thursday
This is not going to be a quick suppression effort," Incident Commander Bob Anderson told about 200 people gathered at Sisters Elementary School, where some of the evacuees sought shelter. "There is too much real estate and too much fuel."
"What I saw was a terrible situation," said Sisters District Ranger Bill Anthony. "The only thing that could be worse is somebody getting killed."

The cause remained uncertain, although the fact that the fires broke out at about the same time and within a dozen miles of each other was "of interest," Anthony said. Fire investigators have not been able to get to the ignition point yet because the area is still burning.

Does anyone have any further information about these fires? Does anyone know how to make sure the 'public' agency the U.S. forest service investigates these issues and reports the results to the corpoRATe media to make sure more people know what just happened in Oregon as the commander and thief visited our state?
Real Story 23.Aug.2003 10:40


The truth is finally out there. The fires were actually started when the mothership landed to drop off some ISM types coming here from getting their asses kicked in the MidEast. They decided to make a side trip on their way to their home planet Bizarro. The brought some Palestanian refugees with them who just couldn't resist destroying something so they set the fire. It's alright though. Because they were Palestanian we know they were all good, just and right in destroying what is around them.
It must really be fun going through life with the belief that everything around you is a massive conspiracy designed to piss you off and destroy the "truth" you and anly you know. Save whatever money you spend on your Internet and computers and go buy yourself something you really need, a life!

have no need to put on blinders 23.Aug.2003 17:41


Sightseer56, it must be pretty difficult to see anything with those blinders you have on. How absolutely ignorant does one have to be in order to believe that these fires weren't an accident? Only you can answer that question, "sightseer".

RESPONSE 23.Aug.2003 20:13


I didn't say these fires were not the result of woods arson or accidental. Most major fires in the last two years have been. My comment was simply poking fun at you losers with no life. Blinders? No comrade, you are the indoctrinated twit cumming your jeans at any absurd conspiracy theory that some poor pathetic geek comes up with. On second thought don't bother detting a life, it would be wasted on you. Let someone have it that would make use of it.

my bet is on the timber companies 24.Aug.2003 02:07

not usually a betting man

The timber companies had the means, motive, and opportunity. Laying all the evil at Bush's feet will lad to the same mistakes that of the Nixon impeachment: removing the symbol without removing the actual systems and supports. It would be cool if people want to investigate this, but without more evidence it may be best not to throw accusations around. It only distracts from the real issues at hand. The point is, the fires started, possibly intentionally, and now Bush is using them to promote his forest "plan" which will only lead to more fires. Thinning forests creates the optimum conditions for forest fires to start and spread. Healthy, uncut forests are resistant to fires. If we care about protecting people in those communities, as well as the forests themselves, we need to be focusing on stopping the "Healthy Forest Initiative". If someone can prove the timber companies, or someone else with something to gain from the plan, started the fire, than by all means that would be important information and effective, but without proof there are much better options. But again, the more independent investigating people do the better.