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COPS (the TV show) is filming in PDX

Cops filming in PDX
The TV Show COPS is filming with the portland police this week, and maybe next week. Those guys we thought were police photographers at the protest were actually from the show.

So if anyone gets harassed by a cop with a cameraman, put on a good show!
I hope they got my best profile 23.Aug.2003 12:04

the redcoat

I hope they got
my best profile
out at Columbia Park

I Can't Wait! 23.Aug.2003 19:35

Officer Meyers

My hair will be PERFECT! You got my back on that one, Rowley my man?

Copwatch vs COPS anyone ?!!! 24.Aug.2003 00:02


That fucking show has probably done more to push a rightwing reactionary agenda glorifying the police state and celebrating cops as culture heros in this country than practically any other single cultural excrement in the US corporate media! They've even invaded people's houses with the cops and violated their rights to get their stories. When a judge gives the cops a search warrant, it doesn't say, "oh, by the way, feel free to take a tv show crew with you to turn these people's lives into an entertainment spectacle." What gives them the right to turn other people's agonies, without consent, into gladiatorial entertainments for the masses?! It's surreal, Kafkaesque, like something right out of a Ray Bradbury fucking novel or something.

Has anyone thought of organizing a special Copwatch that would go out and track these fuckers down and watch the watchers? Someone should document their shit for purposes of a potential civil suit by the victims of their abuses.

Allen Graf 24.Aug.2003 07:46

Just another dirty protester

Allen Graf likes to take on cases like this.
I'm sure he would be glad to take on Fox

By the way
Fox news doesn't practice freedom of speech
it is not protected under the

Subpoena Time! 24.Aug.2003 09:47


Time to get all that juicy raw footage of the cops from the Cops producers.....

Nona you are a deadset fuckwit 06.Oct.2003 17:18

Th Angryman

Oooh the Police state, some scarey shit you talk about. But look at it this way if there were no law enforcement agencies you wouldn't have a chance to have your little civil suit because someone would have belted the puss out of you by now and with no cops to find the perpitraitor you'd have no one to sue, So do us all a favour, stick to hugging trees, eating tofu (No offence to tofu lovers!), coming up with conspiracy theories, and thinking about how much of a bad ass you are


COPS in Portland 02.Dec.2003 19:53


Just to let you know that no one gets their face on the show unless they sign a photo release. It's a must and the crew can't film in anyone's house unless they obtain permission. This many times is asked for as the crew goes into the house by the rest of the crew behind the cameraman. A location release is signed by someone in the house. None of the footage can be used unless these releases are signed. I've seen many stories killed and not used because the releases were not signed. So you only have the people who sign the releases to blame. Don't you think someone would have successfully sued the show in the last 15 years if that wasn't the case?

So the bottom line is no one gets on COPS unless they WANT to! How do I know? I worked for the show for years and saw a lot of good stories not used because people exercised their rights and didn't sign.

crewman is half right 25.Feb.2004 16:09


crewman is half right, you need to sign a release but the crew won't tell you what it is... they pretend to be cops and just tell you to sign it so they can "help you out." I know because I refused to sign and the crewman told me I had just blown my chance to avoid arrest... yeah right.

Thank you Fox for COPS 21.Mar.2004 22:33


The "Fox News Channel" has done the world a great service for exposing these so-called COPS for everyone to see. These aren't "peace officers" doing the job of "protecting the citizen from force and fraud." No, these are steroid-pumped, mindless, "Corrupt, Obsequious, Praetorian, Slaves, protecting the would be and secret society of actual "power elite" modeled precisely after the "Praetorian Guard" of the Roman Empire.

Today's "COPS" exist to enforce the whim and unlawful preogative of those who actually run things in this country. It's not the "big Corporations" who run things. Most of the big corporations are actually run by groups of lawyers who use accountants to cook the books and steal money from the public. Nor, is this country run by Entrepreneurs; ordinary citizens; the congress; the executive branch, or even the laws. This country is run by the corrupt judges of the judicial branch of our government.

"Big Corporations" can be sued; corporate officers indicted; prosecuted, and sent off to prison, as can congressmen. The key is, sooner or later, the final arbiter of someone's fate will be wearing a black robe. The "digits" on the "key," that unlocks the doors to someone's hell, is the fact the only "other" important people in the courtroom all belong to the same secretly operated "religious order" as does the judge, the Bar Association. Remember, it's only the "church" and the "judiciary" that claims "inherent powers," "doctrines," "canons," and the like.

You will also notice, that as more and more ordinary people become wise to the "holy order of the judiciary," the judiciary has become very scared. They need bodyguards and the "temples" where they ply their unholy trade and administer their wholly made up misery, have become "armed bunkers."

You cannot have a private and exclusive force of bodyguards who may be arrested by an actual "police force" made up of intelligent, actually educated, moral, ethical, dedicated-to-the-law people, but they needed a "force" who would stop anyone, search anyone, seize anyone, and murder anyone on their command.

Years ago, the "police and peace officers" began to be referred to as "law enforcement officers." That should of been your first clue that something seriously flawed was afoot.

Once we had a force of "law enforcement officers" taking people down on the street; hauling them out of their cars and homes, they would wind up in a court surrounded by lawyers and a judge. The thing "absent" from the proceedings was, of course, the law and due process.

We then saw "S.W.A.T. teams, thugs in ski-masks with automatic guns and badges, and a piece of paper signed by a judge that said: "Resistance is futile! Or, you're dead!"

Once people started figuring the utterly unlawfulness of this out, the courthouses became locked-down armed bunkers where the only armed people are the "Praetorians" who exist to enforce the will of the judges and protect them from assassination, or, if you will, justice.

But by the time the metal detectors and armed Praetorians were in place, in our court houses, the various state police; sheriff's departments; municiple police departments, had all be restructured, to the "Praetorian" model, and thinking people were replaced by the dumbest brutes who could be found, being commanded by the most amoral, weak, and incompetent people who ever prematurely exited brain surgery. The law schools had already been turning out the most defective and ignorant pool of lawyers in history, and, of course, those brain dead lawyers become judges who required unlawful powers to disguise their utter incompetence and corruption.

They may have lawyers, judges and armed Praetorian Guards, but none of them have any brains. They can be defeated by a well spoken word which, to them, is like pouring salt on a slug.

This is a fact that is exposed in every episode of Fox's COPS. Thank you for this fine work. Maybe people will begin to ponder the following:

Why is it that through revolutions, wars, riots, depressions, and every kind of man-made and natural disaster in our history, our courthouses were always open and free to the people. In the 70's, many ordinary people would walk into a state or federal courtroom with a concealed firearm in a shoulder holster, or in a briefcase, and think nothing of it. But, no more. What has changed? We, the people, or they, the judges of the most secret and holy monastic order?

I will state with utmost and learned confidence that you should never confront a modern "praetorian" unarmed. When you enter their armed bunkers, do as they demand. Otherwise, they will kill you without the slightest thought. Why? Because they are hired because they are incapable of thought. They are very stupid, brutish, people. Virtually, sub-human. They will follow the orders of their masters, the Patrician's, like the good little Praetorians they are.

"Praetorians" v. U.S. Supreme Court 22.Mar.2004 11:58


One more thing should be added to my previous comments now that some people have had a chance to read my ravings:

As unlikely as this may seem, the judges of the United States Supreme Court appear to be awakening to the dire straits and unlawful conduct of the judges and lawyer sycophants operating the inferior courts.

On March 8, 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a vitally important ruling in the case Crawford v. Washington (state).

The courts of Washington state are operated by the quintessentially accurate definition of "racketeers." The "secret society of judges and lawyers," i.e., the Washington State Bar Association, is operated as a "private non-profit organization," even though the state law creating it, in 1933, says it's "hereby created as an agency of the state."

Never, in the history of the state of Washington, has a judge of the superior, appellate or supreme court been removed from office for committing a crime. To my knowledge no other state can make such a claim. There are many, many, judges sitting in federal prisons for committing crimes as judges. See the California case United States v. Frega; three California Superior Court judges, and a high priced lawyer, convicted of "denying others their right to the honest services of the superior court, Mail Fraud, Bribery, etc."

In Crawford v. Washington, the judges of the U.S. Supreme Court hammered the judges of the Washington state Supreme Court for not only violating the 6th Amendment, but for exercising "discretion" they do not have. "Discretion" is a favorite 'buzzword' of judges they throw at you when they are going to ignore the law in order to make a ruling they simply want to make. It's all part of those non-existent "inherent powers" they want us to think they have.

The U.S. Supreme Court just destroyed that notion in Crawford. They went all the way back to the trial of Sir Walter Raleigh in 1603, where Raleigh was tried in an English "prerogative Court" and not allowed to cross examine witnesses or challenge the false evidence presented against him. Of course, Raleigh was found guilty and beheaded.

The hallmark of the 'prerogative courts' was that the judges had unlimited "inherent powers" to run 'their court' any way they choose; to rule any way they choose; and, if a jury was summoned, to force a jury to rule whichever way the judges commanded them to rule. (See the trial of William Penn, 1670)

Our Constitution specifically prohibits such conduct but the judges in the several states, not knowing or caring for the law, have violated those prohibitions, for decades, under the guise of having inherent powers; discretion, and the power to reshape law through arbitrary "interpretation." No more.

Just when you may think that all is lost and that the corruption or ignorance extends all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, the judges come to their senses and utterly destroy those false and fraudulent notions in the most clear and correct way imaginable.

Congratulations to the judges of the U.S. Supreme Court for actually doing your lawful job and duty to the law.

Teach the Califorina Police to shoot. that will bring in ratings 31.Mar.2004 12:18

The Guy.

I saw a shoot-out in cali. That lasted so long the criminal got bored and shot himself. And the whole time the police where whining "they've got bady armor. they've got body armor" I can see his head shoot'em in the head. realy get my little cusin out there he's 6 he plays those violent video games that people are blaming for school shootings. Because it couldn't be a parenting problem no...no never it's a video problem. anyway. get him out there "BANG how's that?" "nice shot poot. HEY EVERYONE RELAX POOT GOT HIM" (his nickname is poot...why I do not know). I think we need to get those games out to the cali police give'em a roll of quarters and turn'em loose. You know there was a kid who shot 8 bullets and hit 9 people. Then there was a shoot-out at point blank range and 2 guys jumped out of a suberban the cop shot a whole magizine and dosen't even hit the suberban. I would heve loved to be in the station the next day when the cheif was talking to the guy. "so what happened" "well the two men jumped out of the suberban and I then emptied my semi-auto matic 9mm weapon" "and then?" "they..ran away". (Ron "TaterSalad" White) I thought this would be funny at this web site with whinning people on it. since thats about all some people. Like Jhon "F'n" Carry (Rush Limba). and all the other liberals. "SAVE THE WHALES!!!!BAN THE GUNS!!!!" realy when will they quite whinning.

Agian no offense. (not the bad shot police thing. but the liberal stuff.. I meant that)