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here is who donates to Bush (and others)

track who gives money to the bad guys, boycott them and their businesses.

This is a search engine for the Federal Election Commission, you can search by name, Zip code, etc. Use this to help decide who's businesses to shop in, and so forth. If you run into these folks, you may want to inform them of your opinions.

The main page is www.FEC.gov
Don't forget me.... 23.Aug.2003 10:05


I plan to donate to Bush personally. Part of my decision to donate is a reaction to the opinions I see expressed on this web site.

me too 24.Aug.2003 03:05


i donated to the Bush campaign... twice. once on my own accord and the second time as a response to this website. i'll donate more as the campaign progresses as well.

Reactionaries 24.Aug.2003 03:16


Wow, Indymedia "made" people do stuff.

reactionaries? more like suckers 24.Aug.2003 03:35


But I guess these people are running scared, and if they're scared of Bush losing the election, well, they should be. Still, seems like an unwise investment to me. If Bush isn't giving you more than 50% of the tax cuts why even bother. If he gives you nickels and dimes and you give those to his campaign then you haven't really benefited. Of course, I'm sure the administration is laughing their heads off. Here they are stealing from the treasury, giving huge tax cuts to themselves and their rich friends, running the economy into the ground and people still want to give them money. Well, I guess the most successful con men are those who can steal from someone and have them coming back for more. Well, you know what they say about fools and their money...

Oh, and if indymedia is causing people to donate, I must say, I never thought indymedia could ever be so effective as to cause its detractors to give their money away. That is certainly a tremendous victory for the community.