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Great Bush Protest Photos

Code Pink, Radical Cheerleaders, Robocops, and flag-burning fun for the whole family!
Please go to the link below to see more fun photos!

Great pics 23.Aug.2003 00:32


Great photos. Can you tell us about the "Cops for Impeachment" sign? Did some people make that sign and just stand in front of the cops as a joke? Did the cops take it well? They looked in good spirits.


Also Curious 23.Aug.2003 00:46

Rian Snider RianSnider@yahoo.com

I'm also curious about the "Cop for Impeachment" sign... I did a double or triple take after seeing that.

I am curious too! 23.Aug.2003 00:57


I was really taken with the Cops for Impeachment banner as well.

I think it's a fantastic idea -- whether for real (doubtful) or whether satire (most likely).

There are sooooooooo many groups we could represent at our next protest. (hint hint).

Like maybe I could be a radical fundie pro-life dude! LOL

Cops for Impeachment 23.Aug.2003 09:23


The Cops for Impeachment banner is just a banner that someone made and held up in front of a line of bike cops. We haven't come that far yet.
About the crowd shots, there are a few in there where we marched along Willamette Blvd.. I do have one more that shows a little more of the breadth of the rally, but thought it was so similar to another one that I didn't put it in. I know that the coporate media always let the cops steal the show and so I did think twice about including so many cop photos, but really all of the photos are a mockery of what is supposed to strike fear into the heart of Americans who dissent. Hope they are enjoyable anyway!

Dear me 23.Aug.2003 14:30


I'm just wondering, what exactly is your contribution here? Did you even bother to go to this protest? Obviously not if you continue to question both the character and number of those who actually attended.

me is a provacateur 23.Aug.2003 17:34


Mr "me" is a police provacateur. Ignore all "his" comments.

Don't worry Clarissa 23.Aug.2003 17:36


I question anything that I like. What is your contribution. Tend to your own, I will tend to mine.