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Two dogs kill cat in Southeast - Questions posed about increase in lost pet fliers

On the night of August 21, 2003...
two large dark-colored dogs killed a cat.

Between SE 26th and 27th, in a corner of a parking lot between Ash & Ankeny.
It happened in seconds. The dogs had collars, paid no attention to a neighbor's screams, killed the cat, and left quickly. One witness feels they may have been called, though no human voice was heard.

The larger of the two dogs had a square nose and was wearing what looked like a rolled up gray kerchief, with a metal tag attached to it. The smaller one had a pointier nose and was less aggressive.


- Police report. NO DICE. Police said they do not file reports on non-emergency animal-on-animal attacks.
- Human Society. DEAD END. They say they will not take a report on an animal-on-animal attack. It must involve a human.
- Multnomah County Animal Control. They took a report but said there is not much they can do given the witness did not own the cat and without knowing who owns the dogs.

This may not be an isolated incident. These dogs are probably still in the neighborhood. Based on their behavior, their human companion may not be much nicer. There seems to be a large increase in the number of lost animal fliers appearing around town since mid-July, especially the SE. Mostly cats. Some small dogs.

What could it be?

Dog fighting? OHSU stocking up for more cat and dog research?

We don't know, but we'd like to find out.

If you know anything about the dogs who killed the small cat on the night of Thursday, August 21st ... or any of the missing pets, please post here, or contact a local animal organization like In Defense of Animals (503-249-9996).

Also, If you have a digital camera, consider carrying it with you for a few days and take pictures of the missing animal fliers you see. Then post them here.


Dog fighting:

 http://Animal Research at OHSU:

Good Luck! 22.Aug.2003 23:47

Portland Ponderer

Wow, heinous actions there! That is the #1 reason my cats are indoor only.

Good luck finding the humans not controlling their little killing machines. But hey, I think Oregon voters are at least partly to blame - revenue shortage means loss of funds to animal control services and the police are already overworked. One one semi-bright note - Portland has the best animal care/control agencies that are the most humane of any city in which I have lived, if that means anything.

Portland Ponderer 23.Aug.2003 09:13


Thanx for the good luck wish. I'm a little confused by your comment about revenue shortfall being the fault of Oregon voters though. Unless you mean that, technically, Oregon voters put the bastards in the legislature ... the ones who allocated $200 million to burying reservoirs and $200 million to more animal research facilities and high-priced condos on the South Waterfront, while ignoring the suffering and dying going on around them. If that's what you meant, I'm with you.

(We tax ourselves, so they know it's ok to tax us more.)

correction 23.Aug.2003 09:20


I think I mispoke about the money for burying the reservoirs. That's city money and a city decision, probably. Still, you get the idea. They're all bastards. OHP? nah. Corporate Welfare? Can't get enough.

Photo Explanation? 23.Aug.2003 11:55

North Portlander

What's the story on the photos accompanying the article? Presumably the dogs that attacked the cat haven't been caught so who's the dog in the photo? Looks abused.

Protect your pets 23.Aug.2003 14:22


Hopefully,residents of this neighborhood will realize that there may be some hanky panky going on and confine their animals indoors.There are too many busy narrow streets in that area to allow dogs or cats to be roaming.Am sure someone will come back and say their dog/cat needs to get fresh air and exercise but what cost are you willing to pay for this "freedom?"Your pets life? I also live near the streets you mention and when I am driving,yes I am one of those irresposible people that own and drive a car,I cannot tell you how many times I have almost hit a cat that darted into the street from underneath a parked car.At night the problem is much worse.If you really love your animals then protect them from the dangers of the streets.That said,I do hope the ownersof these bad dogs are found and held responsible for their irresponsible behavior.

2 things... 23.Aug.2003 19:09

pnkrkgrrl pnkrkgrrl@yahoo.com

#1: I live near SE 25th & Clinton & I have indeed noticed the sharp increase in missing kitty signs. Sadly my beloved kitty was one of those. We put up signs for our cat back in Feb, when he turned up missing the first time. Oddly enough, within hours of placing the signs my kitty was at the door, completely clean & dry (despite the week of rain we'd been having) & most all of the signs were taken down! Just over a month later he disappeared again... this time it was for good! There has never been a trace of him. And he was not one to wander further than the neighbor's yard. So, this bit of info certainly does leave one wondering!

#2: I am also wondering about the picture of the dog you have associated with this article. When I first started reading I thought it was going to be about a pit bull killing a cat... while I am very glad that was never said, I am disturbed at the use of an image of a pit bull representing the murderous dogs! I own a pit bull & I hate the bad rap these dogs get. My girl would never hurt anyone... much less a cat! She loves our kitties! The fact that you've chosen to associate this horrible act with this breed of dog only perpetuates the myth further.

Keep your pets inside! 24.Aug.2003 08:08

Animal lover

The dogs aren't responsible for the death of the cat; the pets' OWNERS are (especially the cat's owner) for letting them roam outside. It should be illegal for housecats to roam free outside. They spread disease, murder huge numbers of songbirds and other innocent creatures, and they often breed like rabbits because a high percentage of their owners don't spay them. It's also not fun when they use the city park or Junior's play area in the backyard as a litter box. If you care about your cat, spay it, declaw it, and keep it indoors. Also, a high percentage of lost pets are stolen by corporate and government-funded researchers who will torture and murder the pet for "research". If you keep your pet inside, the researchers will have a more difficult time stealing your pet.

If a housecat trespasses in my yard, I'll humanely trap it. If it has an ID tag, I'll call the owner to retrieve it and tell the owner to keep it inside from now on. If it doesn't have identification or if it's a 2nd offense, I'll call the pound to pick it up.

In addition, whenever a good wild predator such as a mountain lion or coyote kills someone's pet kitty, the wild predator is doing the world a favor. The wild animal is saving the lives of hundreds of birds, preventing disease and overpopulation of felis domesticus, and putting a miserable piece of genetic garbage out of its misery.

"Animal lover", YOU SUCK. 24.Aug.2003 10:33

A miserable piece of genetic garbage?

What if the cat didn't have an owner? What about the responsibility of the dog's owner? What does declawing your cat have to do with caring about it? ...Isn't that more like caring about your furniture? "If a housecat trespasses in my yard, I'll humanely trap it. If it has an ID tag, I'll call the owner to retrieve it and tell the owner to keep it inside from now on. If it doesn't have identification or if it's a 2nd offense, I'll call the pound to pick it up." You must be very proud of yourself. I'm sure that really does something. In addition, when a "good wild predator" kills a cat, it isn't really doing much except filling its belly.

More animals run away every summer... 24.Aug.2003 18:37


"There seems to be a large increase in the number of lost animal fliers appearing around town since mid-July"

People who keep track of this type of thing note a large increase in lost pets every summer around the fourth of july. The reason is obvious: fireworks! When idiots shoot off fireworks, they scare the heck out of most (all?) pets within hearing distance of the fireworks. Many animals panic. A cat who normally doesn't stray beyond his/her yard might run for blocks. A dog might leap a fence or charge out an open door, wandering for miles before calming down. Idiots shoot off fireworks for weeks on either side of this pro-war, pro-violence "patriotic holiday", victimizing many a pet.

Wouldn't be surprised if the increase in lost pets is a combination of factors: fireworks, university research, scumbag animal "owners" abusing their pets and letting them run loose to kill other animals, and the scumbag filth who've been murdering dogs in Portland parks this year.

Solutions? Cut off all funding for research (except maybe that done on consenting humans). Boycott all corporations that use animal testing. Ban fireworks. One thing I think we should NOT do is call the police. The police are likely to shoot a loose dog or cat, a totally unnecessary action over 99.99% of the time. It's not difficult to imagine the cops feeling intimidated by a 10 pound cat and using deadly force. And if you know who murdered your pet, even if convicted, the murderer probably won't get more than a tiny fine or a few days in jail. Gotta take the law in your own hands if you want justice. I know I'd acquit anyone of killing the person who killed their pet.

'Animal Lover' = a major league asshole 25.Aug.2003 00:55

big time

Yes, the previous post attacking animal lover was right on the money. Someone should call the pound and have HIM ('Animal Lover') picked up. Then they could put him out of our misery.

Won't somebody please think of the . . .birdies? 25.Aug.2003 08:49


What about all the little birdies and rodents killed by loose cats? Anybody, loose cat owners specifically, cry over them? Oh, wait, I forgot--they're not generally considered to be 'companion animals' so nobody gives a fuck about them, now do they. God. Get a grip!

Oh, and, death to vivisectionists, eh?

Facts and a link 26.Aug.2003 09:59

I don't like Katz

From the Humane Society: lifespan of a cat that stays indoors is between 12 and 15 years. Lifespan of cats who go outdoors is only 2.5 years!

Surveys show the average outdoor cat kills at leats 200 animals a year. Over half of the country's 60 million cats go outdoors. Do the math for an estimate of the number of animals killed by cats in America every year!

Useful link:


nice facts "i don't like katz" 27.Aug.2003 21:43


#1.I DON'T LIKE KATZ - Surveys show the average outdoor cat kills at leats 200 animals a year. Over half of the country's 60 million cats go outdoors. Do the math for an estimate of the number of animals killed by cats in America every year!
really? would those be the same surveys that show that 76% of people know that everything the read is true? or perhaps a survey from the family feud? or maybe even a survey of people, like you, who have never lived with a cat, asking them how many animals they think a cat kills in a year?
btw - how many animals do *you* illegitimately kill in a year for "food"?

#2.JUSTIN - What about all the little birdies and rodents killed by loose cats?
what about all the *fill in the blank with any and all living creatures* killed by loose humans?
does that have anything to do with the original posting?

WHAT THE F*#% 11.Dec.2003 15:44

regarding pix

Why did you use the pictures of the lab research animals? Those are obviously not the cat and dog in question.
The pix are from an anti vivisection site, commendable, but why use those? Makes no sense.

fight all cruelty - to animal or human 14.Jan.2004 14:39


People who are cruel to animals are cruel to human.

We need public information and laws to protect the good - cat or human. Vets who over medicate and kill animals for profit, hit & run drivers - leaving twitching animals in pain (they should do the same thing whether human animal or cat animal, abuser, etc should be punished as if they did it to human.

We lost a cat to a coyote last weekend 26.Apr.2004 16:32


My wife and I have three spayed, full-grown cats. They're indoor/outdoor, but rarely go more than 10 feet from our back porch. They use their litterbox, and mostly go outside to catch bugs, nibble on grass and enjoy all the sights and smells of hiding in our hedges.

This last weekend, a coyote caught and ate one of our cats. We found it 15 feet from our back porch, mostly eaten. We hold no animosity towards coyotes, they're just trying to survive. The family isn't the same without her, though.

We would never think to de-claw our cats, or to keep them inside only. Solutions posted by ANIMAL LOVER and I DONT LIKE CATS are unenforceable and stupid.