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'United Against Bush' Rally Pictures, part 4

Images from the rally on A21, final set
That's all folks!

As the Rock Man said 23.Aug.2003 07:37


"You hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see."
Zoo Keepers
Zoo Keepers
Ordinary people
Ordinary people

I see... 23.Aug.2003 17:25


Moms, and sisters and dads, and folks with regular jobs, and folks with no more jobs, and sons and daughters.......we are all "regular."

Hmmmm, I see, you are saying that some folks are "more" regular than other people. Well that may be true if we're talking about bowel movements. Is that what you meant, because I know the folks in the pictures and they are really regular people. (Although, I think some of them are exceptional regular people.)

regular 23.Aug.2003 19:18

very regular

How can you tell if folks are regular? Are you able to calculatre there fiber intake?