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Wanna Feel Some Optimism? Watch This little movie!

This is a short film that has been put together by Eric Blumrich, a 32-year-old freelance illustrator/animator/web developer, and a man who is just fed up with American politics...His website is www.ericblumrich.com and it is really good. You'll go back again and again...I'm not his press agent, just a fan.


Now this film is not for the cynical people who think that the government and America just suck through and through and have lost all hope no matter WHAT positive message they hear from ANYONE...You guys won't vote and won't get much done since you are not open to compromise.

This film IS for the people who have a glimmer of hope and a bit of optimism and realize that there may be a silver lining in that dark cloud that has been sitting over Washington for the last 2 and a half years since Bush lost the election.


WHEN: Sunday August 24 at PSU Urban Center Plaza at 506 SW Mill (5th and Mill) at 12:30 pm.
wanna SPAM for Howard Dean? 22.Aug.2003 17:17

read the above posting!



armchair "activist" Democraps who repeatedly SPAM this website with their rehashed diarrhea about which Democrap candidate is best,

and fairytale BULLSHIT about how the "dark cloud" has been sitting over Washington for ONLY "the last 2 and a half years".

fuckin' wannabe clowns . . .
take it to your fucking DEMOCRAP webpage
take it to your fucking DEMOCRAP webpage

So negative and hostile "read the above posting" person 22.Aug.2003 17:40


I simply got inspired by this litlle piece and thought that some other people would too. I am not an "armchair" activist as you have called me, but someone who has been involved in political campaigns and volunteering for the last 20 years. I, unlike you, believe there is hope and maybe that makes me a happier person than you obviously are. Can't you just say "Hey, thanks for putting that out there" It's people like you that are the same as the extreme right! Congratulations! You are on their level! Is your last name Bush by any chance?

OH and kiss my liberal democrat ASS!

'jm' 22.Aug.2003 17:51

read the above posting!

i too have visited Blumrich's site on occasion, and been inspired by his images.

but, if you are TRULY "inspired by this litlle piece and thought that some other people would too"




















: )

Dean Plug 22.Aug.2003 17:59


Look, the film is about Dean and Kucinich, so I figured if people liked what they heard, they could go see the man speak on Sunday. What are you so afraid of? That people will like what they hear?

simma-da-na 22.Aug.2003 18:03

Ben Maras

so much hostility, yes, the Dean plug at the end was kinda lame, but oh well, the video wasn't that bad.

'jm'--ok 22.Aug.2003 18:13

read the above posting!

not afraid--sorry if i made anyone feel sad. enjoy your Dean dream.





I thought it was pretty good. 22.Aug.2003 18:19


We certainly have been under a black cloud for a couple of years now. If we want to get Bush out of the Whitehouse we need to talk about who will run against him. If anyone thinks that Bush should stay in the Whitehouse I would be very curious to hear about this. It has been a disaster so far. The country is in a nose drive and unless we can get someone in there who can pull back the stick we're going to auger in. I think that you would have to be servely braindead to want Bush in for another four years. If you want him out you need to vote for a Democrat. I would prefer a Green but that is not possible at this time. Is there something else more important that we should be posting here?

Dean and Kucinich over Bush any day! 22.Aug.2003 18:23

Running Dog

Hey -
The film was ok, but they all sound SO much like politicians.
I wonder, really, what real and honest political discourse, hard hitting and revealing, would
really sound like.
But . . . I'd take Dean & Kucinich (especially K.) anyday over George W Bush.

I take it none of us want another 4 years of Bush? Do we?
Well, we better try and get someone who we like the best as the candidate and work
like hell to get them in office or we'll be in even deeper do do .

Stop tearing down people trying to show something and work for something yourself.
We could all be sitting around whining at each other's credentials and watch Mr. Bush
get re-elected. And he will laugh at us, he really will, as he fires up the last 4 years of
a really fucked up operation.

I agree, the video was pretty good 22.Aug.2003 18:41


The video was well done. Personally, I think Kucinich would be a great president. Too bad he lacks the "charisma" to win in this society obsessed with a Hollywood sound bite state of mind.

So, do a lot of the radical left not vote? 22.Aug.2003 18:44


Then you would be responsible for BUSH..... gee, thanks!!

Please remember: the political spectrum is CIRCULAR. So a lot of you hate-filled "liberals" are sittin' not on armchairs but on a couch with the worst of the worst neo-conservatives.

But I won't hold it against y'all.......cause you were probably born at the height of Reagan/Bush, and those were bleak times. For those of us who know a much different America (and therefore have some VISION about what it should look like).......we give ya a big break.

Right on 22.Aug.2003 18:50


'read above posting"

Could you please have the decency to not use all-caps and that annoying line-break-after-every-word style. It's irritating. The Dean event plug seemed perfectly appropriate considering he is coming Sunday and he is half the subject of the video (which I liked a lot btw). This board is meant for announcing events like Howard Dean's coming to town. You're tone and condescending attitude aren't winning you any friends.

'Jumbo'--BULLSHIT. 22.Aug.2003 19:08

see above

"This board is meant for announcing events like Howard Dean's coming to town"

1. this isn't a "board"--it's a NEWSWIRE.

2. Portland Independent Media Center has a wide and diverse variety of purposes, none of which have anything to do with Corporate American 'One-Party' politics.

3. sounds like you've got an AGENDA . . . leave it at Howard Dean's website.

Jumbo 22.Aug.2003 20:49


"1. this isn't a "board"--it's a NEWSWIRE. "

That was funny.

'Jumbo'--HERE'S what it Boils Down To. 22.Aug.2003 21:19


after all the primaries and pre-nomination falderall has settled,

if Howard Dean is the guy nominated to run again,

i honestly will vote for him just because at that point I have nothing left to lose if Bu$h wins.


*some* (yet to be identified) Democrap will be facing off vs. Bu$h in Nov. 2004,

at which point i will probably--and EXTREMELY reluctantly, unless by Jesus H. Christ on a Popsicle Stick Miracle it's Kucinich--vote for that Democrap.

and isn't that how the entire system is ultimately designed anyway--that in November every four years, we have the choice between the lesser of two 'evils'? You can bust your spleen rationalizing it all you want, as you so eloquently have elsewhere . . . (isn't this enough Howard Dean spew--amid all the Bu$h & Co. spew/popo praise in our beloved Corporate Media--for today?)

but since the Corporate Media in all its permutations will be rehashing all the stump-speech microdetails of pResidential Selection 2004 ad infinitum over the next 14 months (even though I don't own a TV every bar on my neighborhood streets I walk down will be blaring it at top volume out their front door),

i don't need you and your Democrap buddies shoving it down our throats here in August 2003,

especially on the Portland Independent Media Center newswire.

Got it?

: P

black and red for BUSH! 22.Aug.2003 21:25



This is one mad lefty who would really like to see 'W' win in '04!

Am I mad? Hell-bent I'm Mad! A stifling American Empire ringed round the globe, with violence and repression for all. Is any politician going to be able to singlehandedly turn the nation and the world around?

The only way to bring an end to the destruction of the natural world and the individual wrought by capitalism and industrialism is MORE DESTRUCTION. That's right, the annihilation of the human race.

Let's face it. If you have time to post on this site you are armchair in the battle to end all battles.

It's just too hard for people to change their lives, from end to end, from Big-Mac to Navigator, from digital camera to new Adbusters. It's over people. Face it.

Do you want the terror, the waste of human lives and the environment to go on another ten/twenty years? Cause that's about all we've got. Rapture or no, when the oil starts to get scarce the troubles will get rife.

NO. I trust a Republican to do us all in with style. Give me a myth. Give me a reason to drink the Kool-Aid Jim. It's all in God's plan. Now Nuke those brown $#@!ers.

Vote GW in 2004!

Nihilism satisfies.(tm)

Voting is for christians. 22.Aug.2003 23:28


Nader, Che, Mao, Dean, Jesus

None of these blowhards is going to save you. Look around. Make connections with your community and take action to solve your own problems and improve your own lives. Nobody who takes office will do that for you. Plant a garden and compost your ballot.

not realy 23.Aug.2003 00:14

free bee

"Stop tearing down people trying to show something and work for something yourself.
We could all be sitting around whining at each other's credentials and watch Mr. Bush
get re-elected."


he wasnt elected,like most dictators, do ya think he wont get "elected" again?

im gonna vote, just like the majority, it wont be for bush,

but when he takes another 4 years, who are ya gonna vote for then?

Watch THIS Nice, Optimistic, Uplifting Movie 23.Aug.2003 00:40


Bush Is Not A Nazi, So Stop Saying That

I want to play doomsday scenario too! 23.Aug.2003 19:11

open mind

Anyone who thinks these paranoid republican psychopaths and the corporations who hired them are just going to sit idly by and watch fair elections take place is truly deluded. Democrats are hopeful only because Clinton made it in for two terms. Well, there was about a hair's difference between Clinton and Dole, as illustrated in the gag reflex-inducing pseudo-debates that take place on 60 Minutes every Sunday. That neoliberal hick was never a threat to the powers-that-be begin with.

To that end, here are MY doomsday scenarios:

- Kucinich won't win the primary, of course. He wants to abolish NAFTA, GATT and other so-called free trade agreements and undemocratic entities and that is unacceptable. He probably wants to abolish the Fed Reserve too and that cannot be allowed to happen. Just can't. The government media are doing a superb job of keeping Kucinich and his platform out of the papers and off the TV screens so that anyone outside of the progressive and labor communities won't know who the hell he is or what he stands prior to the elections. The first time most people will hear anything about Kucinich is when they'll see a lone Kucinich supporter standing outside of their precinct on election day and they'll say "vote for Ku who?"

- In the highly unlikely event that Kucinich wins the primary, they'll either pull a Wellstone, a Trafficant, or a Condit on him -- prior to the presidential debates so that he'll have to step out of the race and most Americans will never get a chance to hear what he stands for.

- Rigged electronic voting machines, especially in key states.

- Already more anthrax letters have been going around so there's probably more terrorism to come if the rigged voting machines malfunction and spit out the true intention of the voters. They'll probably order some more military planes to stand down while some object strikes another famous landmark that just happens to have a lot of people in it. Am I the only one here who can't imagine that we'll get to January 2005 without incident???

- The next attack, or publicized threat of an attack, will most likely result in more round-ups but this time they will surely be more inclusive: Arabs, muslims, and anybody who looks Middle Eastern, naturally, along with radicals, greens, communists, the unemployed, and what the hell, why not throw in poor Blacks too -- practically everyone who is an easy scapegoat and/or who doesn't vote republican will do.

- Any unrest or rebellions that could ensue as a result of all this rounding up business shall be squelched immediately. If our service men and women decide to inconveniently grow a conscious and refuse to carry out orders as planned, then all they have to do is call up those "School of the Americas/Assasins" trainees to do the job. They're detached enough.

That's it. Marshall Law declared. Elections cancelled. Republicans win again.

- In the unlikely unlikely event that a Liberal wins and republicans lose one too many congressional seats, and none of the above scenarios are successful, well, there's always nukes. They probably have all the accoutrements of Camp David already set up on some remote island in the tropics with a lifetime supply of food, servants and sex slaves. If things don't go their way, all they have to do is fly over there with their families and then push the button, leaving behind carnage and destruction. It's like a science fiction movie without a happy ending.