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Infernal Noise Brigade needs your support

Please send messages of solidarity or attend the trial of three members of the INB, who were arrested while playing music in Portland last year.

Three members of the INB, the radical marching band which played on the streets during the actions in Seattle, 1999, and in Prague in 2000, will be appearing in court in Portland, Oregon on August 26, and could really use your support.

They were arrested while playing music during a demonstration against Umpqua Bank, in July, 2002 after the Earth First! Rendezvous. One of them has been charged with a felony, and could face up to 5 years in prison.

The trial has been repeatedly postponed by the state, and the INB is concerned that we won't receive much support due to the more-than-a-year which has passed. Please send messages of solidarity to  contact@infernalnoise.org, and if you are in the area, come to the trial! The defendants are requesting that people look fairly clean-cut for the occasion, and that no disruption of the proceedings take place.

WHERE: Multnomah County Courthouse, 1021 SW 4th, Room 450, Portland, Oregon
WHEN: August 26-28, 9 am

thanks very much, please forward this as you like.

~la lucha sigue, infernalmente

homepage: homepage: http://www.infernalnoise.org

Tuesday through Thursday, or just Tuesday? 22.Aug.2003 17:53

beat reporter

The article said you need support Tuesday the 26th, but at the bottom it listed Tuesday - Thursday, 26th-28th. Are the trials spread out over the three days, one each day?

how'd they jack people up on felonies? 23.Aug.2003 15:01


What's the felony, Eardrum Assault 1 ? It'd be really interesting to hear more details on this case. I'm sure many of us would like to understand what these pigs are doing to put their draconian legal screws to people who practice street theater type civil disobedience by turning it into a felony. All I can say to the INB folks is, touché. You've obviously touched a nerve. If you've got the heat overreacting so hysterically now, you must be doing something right!

Everyone out for the INB next Tuesday!

We need more information 25.Aug.2003 18:33


It is impossible to tell from a quick routine scan of your article what the charges are. Did someone torch an SUV while playing? Or were they just playing music? What is the charges? As written, the only support you will get will be blind supporters of EF!/INB; those of us who don't know you don't all support all EF! / ELF so you need to let us know what your story is...

The charges are: 25.Aug.2003 19:02


The three accused are charged with:

One with "interfering with an officer"- misdemeanor
one with "trespassing"- misdemeanor
and the last one "Assulting an officer"- Felony

They are being tried together. Remember that on the day of the action the protesters who u-locked themselves to the door were released without charges...

The arrests were made while the band played in the lobby. The building manager and the lead officer told the band major to leave. He immediately began the process of getting the band to turn and march out. Maybe 20 seconds passed and the cops bumrushed the band. Several members were grabbed and dogpiled, and the band played on... There is video evidence of the police's overreation (read attack) which has been entered into evidence. Hopefully, all will be found innocent or their charges dropped.

I hope to see everyone there.

what went down? 27.Aug.2003 19:33

out of town reporter

i missed the courtroom scene today -- what went down?

Results of INB trial 30.Aug.2003 11:28


The trial of three members of the INB began Tuesday Aug. 26th, and lasted until Friday Aug. 29th.

The jury found:

Drum Major charged with Criminal Treaspass II- NOT GUILTY

Flag bearer charged with Resisting arrest and Interfering with a "Peace" Officer- NOT GUILTY
(This couldn't have been better- the state dropped two more charges against this member just before the trial began. She could have been looking at a Felony and 5 years in the can.)

Parade Rifle bearer charged with Interfering with a "Peace" Officer- GUILTY.

Sentencing for the one member found guilty will be September 19th at the county courthouse.

Overall, while not a total victory for the people, the verdicts set a precident for future protesters. The Treaspass charge against the drum major was filed because he didn't get the entire band (15-20 people) to leave the 200 market building within 25 seconds of being told to leave. Beating this charge was very important as the building is a "Privately owned, PUBLIC SPACE". Protesting in these circumstances is LEGAL until someone tells you to leave.

Several points to consider:

To be charged with and procecuted of "Resisting Arrest", at least in the state of Oregon, YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO BE AWARE THE PERSON ASSULTING YOU IS A COP!!!.

ALWAYS HAVE VIDEO OF ANY ARRESTS AT PROTESTS. Really, Really important. The more angles the better. Of the 4 police that testified, one of them hadn't even written a police report, the other 3 couldn't agree with each other, and even directly contradicted their own written report under oath. To say the DA and the cops lied on the stand would be a serious understatement.

Thanks to everyone in Portland and everywhere else around the world that has given support of the INB and their members!!!