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update on bush protest arrestees

Most of the people are being released with "violation" charges. Come down to the Justice Center at 1120 SW 3rd if you want to support them!
There were 10 people known to be held on arrests stemming from the protests yesterday. Most of them are being released with "violations,"
which are deemed "less serious" than misdemeanors, meaning they are not eligible for court-appointed attorneys, but that they also can't be held on the charges, so are being released today. They should be released in 4-6 hours. Anyone who wants is encouraged to show up at the courthouse to support them. The person who was being held on $29,000 bail has also now had their charges dropped to a "violation." His trial date is scheduled for November 10. One of the women who was arrested, Brandy, has injuries possibly sustained in her arrest. A woman named Edith whose picture appeared in The Oregonian wearing a floral print drress is still being charged with misdemeanor trespassing, but has been released already and must appear on September 10 at 9am in courtroom #1 of the Justice Center (1120 SW 3rd). Please show up to support her!
Who is Brandy? 23.Aug.2003 02:48

Captain Video

Is Brandy the one whose arm was nearly yanked out of her socket by Sgt. Lee?

If so, the arrest is on tape for defense....and possibly a suit against Sgt. Lee and the city.

Get Medical Attention 23.Aug.2003 02:51


Even if Brandy doesn't think she is seriously hurt, have her get medical documentation of her injuries from a doctor - it must be documented for future actions, either with a police review board (HA!) or in a civil suit.