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A seven minute video on the A21 march and demonstration. There was such an incredible display of wit and creativity, that no video could document it adaquately. But, here is my attempt to at least partially portray the events of the day
From the march in the beginning, throughout the morning to the police shutdown of Columbia Park in the afternoon, the day was full of satire, parody, music, theatre, and yes, contempt, taunts and ridicule. I must remark on the contrast between government and police severity of demeanor and the frolicing, boistrous, almost carnival deportment of the crowd. Citizens were there to make a serious statement against Bush adminstration policies which are slowly eroding our civil rights, our environment and our standard of living. Yet, much of it was accomplished with individualistic humor, with innovative phrases and creative motion.
Contrast the staunch, morose, anonomous robotic minions of law and order, standing, marching, riding, advancing, attacking in straight lines, a fleet of carbon copy machines, without thought, without individuality, following orders, following orders. In some ways they were the funniest part of the day, if one ignores for a moment their trained tendency towards violence as their bottom line response to minor infractions of "law and order."
And too, there were the Bush supporters. I guess it all depends on your point of view. Though doesn't it seem like a paradox to you that so many of his defenders are Christians, whose "savior" is also called "the Prince of Peace," whose fundamental religious tenants demand one turn the other cheek when abused, and that, perhaps arguably, Christs most famous and universally acclaimed teaching is "above all things, love one another?" For those of you that were there, perhaps this video will bring some of it back; to those who were not, perhaps this will give you an inkling of this local reaction to the latest escapade of George Bush in Oregon, collecting from the rich, distaining the rest.

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Fabulous! 22.Aug.2003 15:23


FABULOUS video footage!!!

Very Nice Jim! 22.Aug.2003 15:33


Thank you!

Advice? 22.Aug.2003 16:36


Why can't I get .ram files to run on my machine? The error message is "access to specified device is denied" or something like that...

Thanks 22.Aug.2003 17:14


This is really great!

Great Work! 22.Aug.2003 19:48

Dan The Bassman

:)This was an accurate thumbnail of the experience I had yesterday
It worked much better on my T1 connection at work than my Dial-up at home, though :(

A21 56K file 22.Aug.2003 22:26

Jim Lockhart eagleye@Philosopherseed.org

<STRONG>In case this helps, I now have posted an a21 video file for 56k modems. It doesn't look as good as the DSL/CABLE file, but.....
<A HREF=" http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org/realaudio/a21k.ram

Hacked to Pieces 23.Aug.2003 03:25


I'm on DSL connection out of an Mac running on OS 10.2.6 with Explorer 5.2 for Mac as browser.

Clicking on the "A21" prompt launches RealOne Player with "a21 2.ram" showing as the file to be opened on the panel above the RealOne Player viewing screen. However, an error message appears saying "unable to locate server. This server does not have a DNS entry. Please check the server name in the URL and try again. rtsp://willow.propagation.net/philosopherseed/a21.rm" In that operation a file icon for "a21.ram" was deposited on the desktop. Nothing resulted when I tried to drag and drop that icon to the RealOne Player screen.

Clicking on " http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org" after several seconds returns "The specified server cannot be found."

Clicking on " http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org/realaudio/a21k.ram" also returns "The specified server cannot be found>"

Noting that that the file extension ".rm" in the error message differs from ".ram" used in the 56K file in your subsequent posting, I copied it into a blank Explorer page, changed it to ".ram" and entered it. That launched the "QuickTime" application, but with "disconnected" in the QuickTime screen's activity window. The QuickTime screen showed the file name "a21.ram" as the file attempted to be opened above the viewing pane. It also deposited a file icon for "a21 2.ram" on the desktop. Attempting to drag and drop that icon onto the QuickTime panel didn't start loading the video.

However, noting that the file icon "a21 2.ram" left by the last attempt matched the name of the file that the RealPlayer application showed in the activity strip above the viewing screen, I dragged and dropped that file onto the RealPlayer screen and it loaded and played!

After that success, it was found that dragging and dropping *either* the "a21.ram" or the a21 2.ram" icon onto the RealOne Player screen would load the video/audio and play it! Go figure.

Thanks for the good synoptic show of samples of free speech, assembly and, in the end, the reflexive, virtually on schedule, ritual exercise of corporate domination played out by the pathetic mercenary forces. It's like the Pavlovian conditioning reward given to the fox hounds--after a "fun hunt" for the riders, the dogs get to rip up the fox. Similarly, the corporate mercies can't be left to go back to the showers without getting to pull their triggers and use their toys, to once again reinforce their symbolic authority by implementing some flimsy provocation and then "responding."

Does this resemble the Zionist-Palestinian syndrome? I'll quit here, as I'm getting off-thread.