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George Bush Sends A Signal to the Nation

Want some easy proof of the Bush Administration's pattern of deception and domestic terrorism? Read on...
NOTE: This article is placed into the public domain. You may freely quote it, use it, and modify it with no further permission. Feel free to expand upon the research herein.
A signal is a pattern in the noise; when you can discern a pattern in seemingly random events, a signal emerges.

When you look at seemingly random events around George W. Bush's agendas, there is a remarkable string of coincidences, i.e., a pattern. Let's review a few of them.

One of the more memorable is the sequence of terrorist attacks on 9/11. Many people know some of the anomalies around that one; if you don't, I invite you to research them on your own. For instance, there were neither Arab bodies nor DNA found on the flight that crashed into the Pentagon, nor was there a single Arab passenger on the original flight manifests- did the "terrorists" rapture? Then there was an inquiry reported by a Portugal-based investigative journalist (which was completely ignored by the American media). After deliberating non-stop for 72 hours this group of high-level, highly skilled airlines and military professionals concluded, "The so-called terrorist attack was in fact a superbly executed military operation carried out against the USA, requiring the utmost professional military skill in command, communications and control. It was flawless in timing, in the choice of selected aircraft to be used as guided missiles and in the coordinated delivery of those missiles to their pre-selected targets... it would be impossible for novices to have taken control of the four aircraft and orchestrated such a terrible act requiring military precision of the highest order... All members of the inquiry team agreed that even if guns were held to their heads none of them would fly a plane into a building. Their reaction would be to ditch the plane into a river or a field, thereby safeguarding the lives of those on the ground. A further question raised by the inquiry was why none of the pilots concerned had alerted ground control. It stated that all pilots are trained to punch a four-digit code into the flight control's transponder to warn ground control crews of a hijacking - but this did not happen." There's more, but you get the gist. This was not the work of a group of amateur pilots! Why haven't US news outlets been all over this story?

How convenient that this happened so shortly after George W. Bush's presidential selection, right when he needed to procure billions of dollars for fighting terrorists, funding the military war machine, and declaring martial law to dramatically infringe upon our personal freedoms. Furthermore, before 9/11, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were on the political ropes due to economics problems, links to Enron, and much more. Now they are riding the wave of political success linked directly to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. When you look for a murderer, you always look for who had the motive and the most to gain. Look at how little Al-Qaida, Iraq and the Arab world have gained? Look at how much GW Bush and the Neo-cons have gained. Look at how much Halliburton and the VP will profit. Hasn't any news reporter ever watched or read a mystery novel or reported on a murder investigation?

Then there's the California electrical power debacle (started by Enron - a major Bush financier). They manipulated the electrical supply in the western power grid to force California to pay tens of billions in inflated power prices to obtain sufficient power. This contributed nearly single-handedly to the California deficit, which caused a public furor. This is exactly what permitted the Republican-inspired recall, which will result in a Republican being elected, no doubt. Why haven't news outlets reported on this blatantly obvious connection? Could it have anything at all to do with ownership by the same club of profiteers?

That operation worked out well for Bush, Cheney and their cronies, so Shazaam! We have the Eastern Seaboard Blackout, which conveniently happens just weeks before a final congressional vote on Bush's energy plan and the Clear Skies ("Blue Sky") Initiative. Both are designed to dramatically over-empower and expand the fossil-fuel-driven electrical-power-generating industry. A mere coincidence? You decide...

Also "coincidentally", prior to George Bush's presidential selection, oil and energy companies collaborated to raise prices and thereby impact the US economy to reduce the money supply, (which is the cause of all recessions) just prior to the election. This eliminated the incumbent party's (Democrats) greatest political asset (i.e., their track record of improving the economy and dramatically reducing the national deficit). Of course, when that wasn't enough to win the election outright, George Bush's political cohorts had to scramble to rig the outcome in various ways (most notoriously in Florida). Just a coincidence? How many of these coincidental interventions do they think we'll permit?

But wait! That's not all: Now this week in Oregon we find another string of coincidences. Bush is scheduled for a $2000-a-plate Republican fundraiser in Portland and a side trip to push his so-called "Healthy Forest Initiative (HFI) forest "thinning" (read "old-growth cutting") plan. There were a number of protests scheduled, in Portland and elsewhere. So "conveniently" a forest fire started in the very same area he planned to visit. What is remarkable about this fire is that the cause was determined not to be a lightning strike, not a cigarette thrown onto a road shoulder, not an untended campfire, but a deliberately ignited blaze using "oil or some kind of flammable" (according to a report in the Eugene Register-Guard). It's fairly easy to ascertain that the most likely cause was a "diesel drip can", a device commonly used in controlling forest fires by setting back fires to stop a wildfire's progress (and also to burn slash after logging an area). Now I ask you: Who is most likely to have access to such a device, and have a reason for using it? A vacationing camper, or someone with a connection to the timber industry, the proper motive, easy access to a drip can, and the skill to set a fire in just the right place and at the right time?

Bush went to the Deschutes Fair Grounds because his trip to Camp Sherman was cancelled due to this forest fire. This change of plans enabled him to avoid a number of planned protests (bait and switch?). Furthermore, it permitted George Bush to stand next to a smoking backdrop to talk about how important it is to "thin" timber stands which would profit his supporters who are always fighting environmentalist and locals. Another mere coincidence? Do they think we're all fools?

On the subject of the deception-riddled "Healthy Forest" Initiative, here are some fallacies about the "thinning" plan. One, it should be called "selective cutting" not "thinning". Thinning is focused on cutting small trees to leave the healthiest trees behind to grow into timber. It's done early on in the pre-timber growing stages. If George Bush and his supporters in the logging industry were being truthful, they would be using the term "selective cutting". Why don't they use this term? Because that describes how they log in northern California and other places. "Selective cutting" describes logging without clear cutting, which is something that his political supporters desperately want to keep out of any local or national discussion because it would place them in a very bad light. Get it? They don't want to tell you it's a ploy to cut down old-growth trees by not defining what age and size trees are to be "thinned". Since it's open to debate, guess which way his administration and the timber industry will define it? It's simply another ploy to clear-cut and do an end-run around environmentalists and certain factions within the Forest Service.

Interestingly, taking advantage of another national tragedy, President Bush unveiled the so-called "Healthy Forest Initiative (HFI), at the peak of the 2002 wildfires, most notably the enormous Biscuit Fire in Southern Oregon. The HFI uses fire, or more accurately the fear of fire, as a smokescreen to give the logging industry increased access to our national (read "public") forests.

So, looking at any of these events singly, they appear to be random and coincidental. But a pattern begins to form when they are viewed as a whole. And this includes only a fraction of the dubious events in our President's political career- especially when you include his term as governor of Texas. (Read Molly Ivins' wonderful books "Shrub" and "Bushwhacked" for more background on George Bush's mad methods.) The signal is now so strong it should be discernable to all.

And that's just the the bigger stories......... 22.Aug.2003 18:34


EVERYTHING that encompasses the desired policies of the Bush regime are accomplished via UNCANNY and timely coincidences.

We should list out ALL of them ....... Let me start with a few:

1. Key tragic deaths or suicides:

That Enron exec who suicided himself right after the Enron scandal came to light

Paul Wellstone

Sec of the Navy (Colin McMillan?) - suicide in July -- woops, now bush had to appt the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. BUMMER.......bet he hated to have to replace the Navy secty with a THUG.

Lots more.......

2. Also connected to the new ENERGY BILL is the terrible gas line break in Arizona. ( Also really shows those McCainites that they should have been nicer to Bush in 2000! That's just a fringe benefit for vengeful george). Then.......ANOTHER gas pipeline goes out of commission (LA to AZ) due to a TRUCK ACCIDENT of some sort. Now......have you ever heard of an accident taking out a gas pipeline? I have never heard of a gas pipeline every going out in the US. Anyways, because of the AZ local problem getting fuel.......gas prices soar all over the US (profits for the big energy boys AND makes people think "gee, we really need to have a steady supply of domestic oil to prevent these shortages; guess we just HAVE to drill in Arctic Alaska."

3. UN BOMBING IN IRAQ. Wow.....that was a no brainer. World opinion -- even among some pretty extreme republicans here and some of the most devoted hate spin doctors -- all last week have been saying: WE NEED TO TURN IRAQ OVER TO THE UN. IT'S THE ONLY WAY. Wow........it's no longer SAFE for UN folks to be in Iraq.......the US will have to continue to wage these battles all alone (and take all the OIL and install its puppet regime).....for the safety of all.

And it's interesting that Chalabi is suddenly the SPOKESPERSON about the UN bombing. They haven't rolled him out for anything until this very moment. Gee, that happens about a week after Jordan sought to extradite Chalabi to serve his 22 years hard labor! You can't tell me that Jordan doesn't have some letters on the oval office desk asking the US to hand him over!

Now......why bring Chalabi out now? Maybe they want to turn him into some sort of HERO to the Iraqi people or make him seem legitimate to the US people? I can't get my head around it. But it's certain that they brought him out for some sort of propogandic purpose.

4. Jordanian Embassy bombing in Iraq. Hmmm. Just the Pentagon's little......."get the fuck away from our Chalabi, dudes!"

Goodness, the list is no doubt a long one.......that's for sure. Please add.........

Trust Bush to Screw You Over 22.Aug.2003 19:05

Shit Happens with REpublicans in Charge

Another big coincidence-only Democratic leaders (Leahy,Daschle) got mailed US gov't Ft. Detrick Ames strain anthrax (and a news guy but no Repubicans), it happened coincidently just when they were holding up the PATRIOT ACT (Democrats controlled the Senate in 2001)! Judicial Watch has issued a FOIA on why, coincidently, Bush/Cheney started on CIPRO one week BEFORE the first anthrax letter was mailed!!