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Indymedia Cancun is reaching out to all who are able to financially support the Tidal Wave Convergence and the independent WTO Coverage in September. This is crucial for the existence of alternative coverage during this momentous event, which will determine the future of globalization and the WTO.
"We would like to mention that in the coming days there will be a very important meeting in Cancun, Mexico. And we are not referring to the meeting of the World Trade Organization, that body which commands the new world war against humanity. No, we are talking about the meeting which will have people from all over the planet, in order to repeat the "no" to the exclusionary world of money and to affirm that another world is possible. It is our understanding that there will be a meeting from September 1 - 7 concerning alternative media and technology, and from September 8-9, a campesino forum. And, on September 9, within a month, there will be mobilizations in Cancun and throughout the world against those who think they are the owners of the planet. In September, the word of the Zapatistas will go to Cancun and to the planet, in the method and manner which shall be decided."

Comandante Zebedeo, EZLN, August 9th 2003 (Ejercito de Zapatista Liberacion Nacional/ Zapatista National Liberation Army)

This September will mark round two in the global struggle against the World Trade Organization. After the WTO faced no resistance in monarchical Qatar, the highest decision making body of the organization is meeting for the 5th time in Cancun, Mexico. With conflicts raging within the bureaucratic corridors of the WTO itself and the added factor of world-wide and local mobilizations, there is the distinct possibility that the organization might come to a collapse in Cancun.

The Independent Media Center (www.indymedia.org) was born at the historic Battle of Seattle and now, 4 years later, has become the leading communication network for media activists worldwide. The global Indymedia network has been an indispensable tool of solidarity among activists fighting together against the same forces of domination.

Now, during this next historic meeting of the WTO in CancĂșn, MĂ©xico, Indymedia is in need of solidarity from the global activist community. As mentioned above by Commandante Zebedeo we will be hosting an Alternative Media and Tech Convergence, called Tidal Wave, between the 1st and 7th of September. There has been a growing demand from social justice organizations in Latin America to learn more about how media systems works and can be made to benefit them. This voice has come most audibly from those groups seeking to increase awareness about alternatives to neo-liberalism. Realizing that the corporate media are naturally predisposed to censoring views critical of the free market system, this demand has been increasingly expressed as the desire for the formation of a concrete alternative; a network of alternative communicators that can disseminate the voices, views, and events of popular struggles, on the local, regional, and international level. We believe the convergence can consolidate much of the current knowledge on alternative media and technological practices, and then impart this knowledge to a broad set of communities and movements.

The Tidal Wave Convergence (http://cancun.mediosindependientes.org/feature/display/3/index.php) will meet with other Indymedia activists arriving in Cancun to produce accurate reporting of the many alternative forums taking place, the WTO meetings themselves and the massive street protests against neo-liberal policies. The Independent Media Center in Cancun (http://cancun.mediosindependientes.org) will be a resource spot for all progressive media coverage of the ministerial and the concurrent alternative forums.

Without your support and involvement the world will depend on corporate coverage of the WTO in September. Help us break the dominant paradigm to get the voices of the people out!

Please DONATE ONLINE by going to the below link (or click on the DONATE link at: http://cancun.mediosindependientes.org):

Contact cmi@mediosindependientes.org and/or convergencia@mediosindependientes.org in order to support these independent media initiatives.


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