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Any Protests this weekend?

any protests over the weekend?
Does anyone know if there are any protests this weekend? I am VERY upset at missing the protest yesterday, but i'm in Job corps now and was unable to make it due to the fact that the government keeps me here except for weekends! i was there in spirit though! Good job everyone who showed up! If anyone knows of any protests, please get back to me ASaP!

Tomorrow Seattle 22.Aug.2003 13:10

Edwin Murcheson

Downtown Seattle tomorrow at noon.  http://www.stopbushseattle.com/

yes Saturday protests 22.Aug.2003 13:19


Yes I can think of 2 protests Saturday:

1. Locally - Rally for Reproductive Rights
2. Seattle - Bush protest
1. Locally - Rally for Reproductive Rights

see:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/08/270062.shtml

Rally for Reproductive Rights

Saturday, August 23rd
Holladay Park
NE Holladay St. & 11th Ave.

From the international "gag rule" on family planning agencies to the current attempt to pass the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" , President Bush and his right wing cronies are waging a full assault on women's reproductive rights. In these pivotal times, it is essential to stand up in defense of a woman's right to choose.
2. Seattle - Bush protest

see:  http://seattle.indymedia.org/

Sat A23, noon-3pm: Myrtle Edwards Park on the Seattle waterfront.
Rally and March with music and speakers featuring William Rivers Pitt (coauthor with Scott Ritter of War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know)

Yes, of course, let's go to Seattle !! RIDESHARE 22.Aug.2003 20:53

Fred Meyer

There exists a plan to meet at 7:30 at the " Daily Grind " :41st & Hawthorne this Saturday morn....