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Portland Anti Capitalist Action leaflet handed out at bush demonstration.

flyer aca handed out at bush demonstration. contact us with thoughts and criticism if you actually want replies, we would appreciate input. we don't necessarily play the name calling pointless rambling comments game here on indymedia. although we might reply if we feel it warrents it.
It's not about just one man.

Bush is a puppet. His power is derived by the capitalists that fund him. Those capitalists that have marked out and staked claim to the world's resources, populations and collective energies. Bush is definitely a fucked up individual. Bush is definitely got some serious power trip issues. But lets never forget that that he is just a puppet in the game of capitalism. Part of the entire system of western government that ensures the divides between the rich and the poor. A government that's sole intention is to keep a lid on class conscious rebellion and ensure that capitalism's expansion can bleed the world dry uninhibited by "focus groups".

And the Democrats? Two sides of the same coin of oppressing the people. Does anyone honestly think that war, poverty, evictions, racism, homophobia, sexism, hunger, etc... is gonna end with a Democrat in office? It's funny to think that some do. Its funny that they seem to think these things just shut off when a democrat is in office. Or maybe its just not as bad. Not as bad? These liberal notions of it 'won't be as bad', have stunted (if not betrayed) the movements towards getting at the roots of these injustices and ending them once and for all. These ideas have stunted real community empowerment, movements towards true reproductive freedom, and have at best legitimized the system of governance over our lives, lifestyles, and social relationships (and how much power our communities should have!). In essence have betrayed movements towards true revolutionary change.

Don't be fooled into electoral bullshit. Its all a game. A pressure valve to give people the notion that they have some say in something that is going on. We don't. You know that and we know that. Just like the grand American Dream, you ever found it?

The focus on bush and his re-election needs to be reconsidered in a revolutionary context. Vote if your liberal conscience tells you to, but do it with the reality that it does not change the fact that people will die in wars, people will die of hunger, people will die of poverty and homelessness. It isn't going to stop evictions or layoffs, or neo-liberal policies, the military industrial complex, or the racist prison industrial complex. It is all connected, Bush-Dean-Republicrat-demopublican. It's all about profit. It's all about Capitalisms grasp on the world and the institutions that hold it in power.

Towards a revolutionary approach and community empowerment.

The Revolution is going on right now. The revolution is across the world in small farmers hearts, in the workplaces telling the bosses to fuck off, in your communities resisting gentrification, and on the streets globally. We must recognize that this is going on. It is international. It is diverse. Capitalism is failing and the Revolution is happening.

Our focus on showing our outrage at this one man, must be with the broader understanding, of what he represents, of the institutions that uphold him, and of the reality that government is government and all plays into the hands of the capitalists.

True power is in the hands of our communities and our workplaces. Our energies must be geared and prioritized to build this revolutions momentum. To better withstand repression, and hell, to MAKE THINGS BETTER FOR OURSELVES AND STOP LEGITIMIZING A RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBIC DISEMPOWERING SYSTEM ANY LONGER.

Lets show our rage. Lets organize our hearts. Lets build our new world while simultaneously bringing this one crashing down around us.

Pro-Community Empowerment
Against this entire unjust corrupt system

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxaca.org

Good Sentiment 23.Aug.2003 02:11

Black Hammer

You're right, Demos serve the same ruling class. Can you imagine Clinton's response to 9-11? Would have been very similar to Bush's, Patriot Act and all but with liberal grease -- psuedo-left cover for reactionary, imperial agenda.