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Mad About Bias Rally Coverage

Call the news stations and give them hell
Hooked up the tv yesterday and watched the five o'clock coverage: no crowd shots, 1st billing and equal coverage to 10-15 Shrub supports; no crowd estimates; more shots of cops on tanks then demonstrators; burning forests and W is going to save us by chopping down all the trees. If your sick of this and mad like I am then call these guys and give them hell. I just did. You may feel a little better and they need to hear it from all of us who were at the rally.

KGW- (503) 226-5000

KATU (503) 231-4222

KOIN (503) 464-0797

Ask for their news directors. Both KATU & KOIN say their news directors are out of town. Tell them you want to speak to somebody about their Bush coverage. KOIN is letting the phone ring for a couple of minutes before they answer. Stay on the line.


Well 22.Aug.2003 21:37


Not to be cynical (and of course effort is always useful, even if it doesn't seem to accomplish anything) but mass media isn't going to listen to people calling in or writing letters or anything like it. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Its just a sad thing when a tradition designed to inform the populace - that is, the media - is used to deceive and propagandize the masses. I truly believe that the internet is the best hope for public knowledge, and I hope that it someday evolves to the point of having an even larger, more seamlessly integrated indymedia (or its equivalent) that will reach all people, not just those willing to pursue it.

No Weapons Allowed 22.Aug.2003 22:31


What was with the Rent-a-Kops the KATU folks brought with them, as if we'd let anyone physically attack a reporter. I had the handle for my sign confiscated because it was a "weapon," but these chumps walked into the protest with loaded guns on their hips! I think that was a big reason the K2 folks were singled out for extra on-air heckling. They even got the quote wrong on their sight: when a group yelled Corporate Media Lies repeatedly, they reported that we yelled "Portland Media Lies". If it's a mistake of pure ignorance or ineptitude, is it still a lie?