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Tully's Discriminates against Homeless Woman

One more place of business to add to your list of places to avoid: Tully's coffee shop on SW 6th and Alder downtown.
Anyone familiar with the downtown area has probably walked by a woman who can usually be found on the bench outside Tully's on 6th and Alder. For years, she has been sitting on this bench, day after day, politely smiling and talking with passers by. We all know her, and we were all very concerned when she disappeared from her spot for several weeks last month. It turns out, she broke her hip. She's on the mend now, although she still needs a walker.

She often had a cup of coffee or a bagle from Tully's, which she frequented as a customer for at least two years. Yesterday afternoon, she went inside to use the bathroom and was told by the snotty new manager that she is now barred from using the bathroom. "It's reserved for customers," he said. She reminded him that she is a customer (a cup of Tully's 2nd best was sitting out on her bench, which she had purchased shortly before), but he was not moved. He became very rude with her and banished her from the restaurant.

This morning, I stopped by there to talk to the manager. He told me she was barred because "She became abusive, and swore at me and other employees." I asked whether this happened before or after he told her she couldn't use the restroom. He said it was after. I think it's fairly reasonable that a person who has been a loyal customer for over two years might get upset at suddenly being told she can't use the bathroom. He said that she was "scaring customers away." Why this change? It could be that he's new as a manager and is feeling his oats, as they say. It could also be that she is now recovering from an injury, and using a walker. Maybe a person with a disability doesn't fit the decor as well. He could only say, inanely, that she "broke the rules." Asked which rules, he again reiterated that she swore at him. Again, when asked whether she swore before or after she was banned from the bathroom, he conceded that it was after. He never did articulate any reason that caused him to ban her in the first place.

In any event, although I'm not actually a customer of Tully's, having never bought anything there, I did my best "business person who comes here all the time" impersonation and insisted that I will not be back until she is allowed to use the restroom there again.

Please visit Tully's at your convenience and let them know what you think about this. Be sure to let their customers know too. Solidarity, mutual aid.
Tully's or Marcee? 22.Aug.2003 11:58


I think the store is actually a Marcee Bakery that serves Tully's coffee.

Marcee not Tully's 22.Aug.2003 16:31


It's Marcee, though I think that they were bought up by Tully's...anyway the woman who sits on the bench in front of the "cafe" is really nice, and I for one plan to make that pig sorry.

tully's? 22.Aug.2003 18:13


The sign out front says Tully's. But yeh, it used to be marcees. And yeh, she's really nice. And yeh they discriminate; I stop there all the time to use the bathroom, and I don't even buy anything. Guess I look like a customer and she doesn't.

Contact Info? 22.Aug.2003 21:37

Mother of Sam

Im in Eugene, but this kind of stuff really pisses me off. Could you please post the phone number, mailing address and/or new prick manager's name if anyone knows? A fax number for corporate headquarters? I have a lot of time on my hands.....