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Dissent: Mission Accomplished

The Portland Spitune, aka "Tribune", ran the headline "Bush: Mission Accomplished" this morning. This counts as probably one of their most laughable wastes of ink ever, not to mention gross rationalizations and naked example of wishful thinking. If you call having a pResident being forced to not announce their presence to the local community, setup deceptive motorcade routes, require thousands of dollars of police protection, sneak in and sneak out of political speeches in their own country a successful mission, then I would have to agree with the Spitune. Otherwise, I would say what happened yesterday is the reaffirmation of what the administration learned the last time they were here. That is, people are aware of the miserable person and policy maker that pResident W. is and he should always expect to have to hide his face in shame.
Really, the demonstrations and actions of August 21, 2003 in Portland establish an unprecedented moment in US history. Perhaps not since Herbert Hoover in the last millenium has there been a president more shamed. Only A21 sets a new standard for both the people's awareness of farce that the office of the president has become and the administration's response to that awareness. Put simply, we know that they are shameful, so we come out, they know they are shameful, so they spend a lot of time and money to hide themselves. If it didn't seem like a lot happened yesterday, in a sense, it is good thing. The standard is set. The pResident can't show his face in his own country. The administration and police state have accepted that situation as "business as usual".

It is true for most people that when they are really scared about their standing they become defensive and exagerate the spin on their defenses. When an argument is in its death throws this spin reaches a fevered pitch. The rediculousness and blatant lies of today's Spitune headline made me angry at first. But, I quickly started to giggle. It is one thing to have your head so far up your ass not to know the truth, but the Spitune folks probably know what the truth really is and fear telling it. There is probably at least one journalist or editor there that feels ashamed of dragging the press into the same shame as the administration and police force. So the circle is complete. Even the corporate media has accepted having to spin and lie whenever the pResident comes to town.

If you were frustrated yesterday by way some things went down, that's totally understandable. But, try to look at what has been accomplished so we continue to move pulling on both our hope and our frustration. If the Spitune's shameful deceit makes you even more frustrated and provokes you to further action in the future that's totally understandable. But have a little giggle.

Tribune Photographers 22.Aug.2003 21:02


Portland Tribune photographers told me they got pictures of police dragging that poor girl out of the park. They seemed rather excited by the quality of the shot. So I grabbed a Tribune today, but somehow the great action photo wasn't there. I guess it didn't jive with their spin about how uneventful the protest was...

Aside from the fact 23.Aug.2003 23:40


Aside from the fact that it was a work day, and most people couldn't get the day off.
Aside from the fact that many people have been intimidated by the brave behavior of the PoPo
in the past.
well I can't think of any more asides.
That's good enough I guess.