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$29,000 Bail! Support Our Comrades in Court Today!

The arraignment for our 7 comrades abducted yesterday by the State's police force is Today, the 22 of August 2003, at 2:00 PM! Downtown Portland, Justice Center, Courtroom #4. It is at 1120 SW 3rd. One comrade is being held with $29,000 dollars bail! Go to this, support these individuals! The protest IS not over. Witness to our comrades in trial is our and their constitutional right! Civil disobediance is our BIRTHRIGHT!
We call on all Comrades and Demonstrators, specifically those who were there today in the Columbia Park annex [when the police forces operating under the "authority of the State of Oregon" openly attacked the non-violent citizenry], and those who shall feel it right to stand up to fascist policies of discriminatory justice anywhere!
. . . The initial individual who was assaulted and arrested, a thin, frail young man with short blond hair has been detained with extremely serious charges. Maybe you remember seeing his face shoved into the asphalt by 8 large Aryan police officers, maybe you were there? This was the first of two arrest that I am aware of which took place at this location (the other one being a poor young girl who was pepper-sprayed and as well assaulted by 8 large Aryan men). My comrade has been detained with 3 charges and his bail has been set at $29,000; an amount unheard of for these type of events. We need you, fellow Comrades and citizens who care for the rights of all individuals, to join us in an act of solidarity by showing up this afternoon, Friday, 22 of August 2003 at 2:00 PM at the downtown "Justice Center", courtroom #4. The Justice Center is located at 1120 SW 3rd and it is the building with all the quotes engraved on it about "justice" and defending your "freedom" and the one that operates as the headquarters for those men clad body amour who are ordered by the State of Oregon to attack the citizenry when they speak for their freedom. Please as many as possible, let's be there, let's pack that courtroom! Let's show support for this comrade and the 7 others who will be having arraignments in the Justice Center, courtroom #4 at 2:00 PM today! They have a constitutional right to have witnesses!
what does.... 22.Aug.2003 12:34


the cops being "aryan" have to do with it? jesus, do you see boogeymen everywhere?

please 22.Aug.2003 12:51


PLEASE don't call me a comrade. Thanks!

definition 22.Aug.2003 13:05

hawkeye pharaoh

comĚrade Pronunciation Key (kmrd, -rd)
A person who shares one's interests or activities; a friend or companion.

why wouldn't you want to be called that?

what's so bad about it?

SEEING BOGEYMEN? 22.Aug.2003 17:14


I don't know about anyone else, but seeing eight large white men in uniforms pressing their boots on to an unarmed boy's head and pushing him into the asphalt is pretty much enough evidence for me--We don't have to make up bogeymen, baby, they are right here. Check out some pictures before you go self ritcheously ripping your mouth off....And to the person requesting we not call him/her comrade--assume the post isn't to you, it's to people who have enough courage to stand up for the people they see getting wronged around them. Why don't you disregard what was written--I for one don't want to read dead end remarks about your own ego.


From one who was there.

that doesn't explain it..... 22.Aug.2003 17:38


again, why does the ethnicity of the cops matter? would it have been any better had they been black, or hispanic?

well you see, the reason is 22.Aug.2003 17:50

shadow of a doubt

da white man, he be da debbil !!!!!!!!

Where were you? 22.Aug.2003 18:08


OK, So where was everybody????????

it was irrational 22.Aug.2003 18:33

Mountain Mama

I was there when the girl was pulled form the park and dragged onton the street. As far I could see, standing there nearher, she wasn't doing anything. It was very strange, like she was specifically targeted, yet I had not heard her say anything nor was she even waving a sigh.

Video.... 22.Aug.2003 22:52


Anyone have video or any backstory on why she was arrested?

ID of the cop, though - Sgt. Don Lee. He was the same one doing the two-pepper-spray John Woo action in the Miranda May incident (where Sgt. Mark Kruger and Officer Joe Hanousek cornered the red-headed woman and pepper-sprayed her at point-blank range while laughing).

Don't call me? DON"T CALL ME?! 10.Sep.2004 15:40

Matthew from Baton Rouge mbtralek@hotmail.com

People who get irritated with people for their enthusiasm for "comrades" or who
act like they "see bogeymen" seem to represent the worst of the worst hypocrits.

How many people have you heard ranting and raving about the over-zealous kids,
how pathetic the anarchists are, etc. etc. Of the large amorpheous mass
of resisters the ones with "lefter-than-thou" syndrome are not the ones with
angst, energy, and courage enough to risk.

It's the ones who are constantly accusing them, constantly putting them down,
etc who are full of ridiculous notions of "whatever-than-thou*

If a call for help and action isn't tailor-made to your liking, ignore it.

If you want to disempower youth because they haven't learned your wisdom of moderation, you may have a point.

But we all have something pertinant to say and valid to offer.

Take your own medicine, counter-counter-revolutionary. Accusing someone else
of over-righteousness demonstrates, ipso facto, the same characteristic in oneself.

This attitude and the people running with it richly merit the contempt they express for the earnest restistance who have come to terms with risk and mistakes and the need to experiance them to succede and grow.