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Cancun Chaos

A pagan activist convergence in Cancun when the WTO meets there. Also a globally synchronised ritual to coincide with the meeting.
CancunChaos: The Dragon Rune


Calling All Pagans, Discordians and Chaotes
Cancun Chaos
September 10th-14th

The global colour the grey synchronised ritual took place on November 14th and 15th, 2002. The original concept was to produce a mass working to coincide with the World Trade Organisation's meeting in Sydney Australia at that time.

This time, the WTO is having their meeting in Cancun, Mexico and the global pagan and magical activist communities will be there and everywhere with a synchronised working called CanCun Chaos.

The focus of the rite will be the Dragon Tree Rune, which you can see above and read about on The Dragon Network website.

Participating is easy. Some time between September 10th and 14th perform a ritual and call it "Cancun Chaos" and use the rune in your rite. Simple!

This rite and the rune is being discussed on many mailing lists for example Cancun Chaos and the Dragon Network. Join one of these lists and correspond with others that are taking part!

If you are a pagan, chaote or discordian making the trip to Cancun to protest the WTO then definitely let us know by joining the Cancun Chaos group where we will be planning a pagan activist convergence.

see how colour the grey got started or join the mailing list