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police / legal a21 bush protests

pepper spray in the park

suddenly cops reappeared
2:11 groups of riot cops got in their vans and took off, and there is still a line of cops and most of the demonstrators are sitting down in the shade in the park. Pedestrian traffic and car traffic is now being allowed to move freely. riot cops are dispersing and are being replaced by bike cops.... now these kops are also dispersing

2:16 Line of riot cops just showed up some have been peppersprayed some bikes were thrown down. Some people are being treated for pepper spray injuries, line of riot cops is surrounding the groups of demonstrators in the park, people are dispersing eastbound through the north end of the park down Lombard, away from the line of cops.

2:17 The police have announced that the park is closed, and are being ordered to disperse. there are around 200 people still in the park. The police line has been pushed closer into the park near the corner. Traffic is being diverted to go down Woolsey.

2:19 the sidewalk is being closed off by bike cops. The other end of Columbia Annex park is still open. A group of riot cops is moving on the west side of the street, to force people to move east.
the park is closed? 21.Aug.2003 14:46


Okay........then City Hall should be closed.


They can't close the park down.......

more 21.Aug.2003 14:54


2:20 KBOO reporter is talking with one man was just gouged in the calf with a police bicycle, at a distance of around 3 arms length from the protesters. Pepper spray seems to be prepared to be deployed. Robocops coming into North End of park. police now heading down on the south side of the street, and people walking on north side. Park is now nearly empty of protesters, and they are mostly on the other side of the street. police truck with a loudspeaker is approaching that might double as a paddy wagon.

2:24 pm threats to arrest people in the park, but they are letting some of the people out slowly and seem to be maintaining a roadblock on the north end.

2:20 KBOO Lisa Hamid heard officer say they are planning to "sweep it" --

2:26 Park is nearly empty, batons are drawn, police are walking slowly toward citizens

2:27 webradio - around 100 people still on the other side of the street.

2:30 Webradio- protesters are being encircled by police. They are pushing pedestrians, bikes were shoved into people. The Church end of the sidewalk is being closed off, they are pushing people forward, one person is being arrested... People are being pushed back. Demonstrators are being forced east down the street by a line of riot cops.

2:32 WebRadio- Riot cops are moving up and a crowd of at least 100 is being escorted on both sides by riot cops and bike cops. People have linked arms and are slowly moving forward in front of the riot cops. Sheriffs dept and PPD are all here. The street side is now open

2:24 WebRadio- Riot cops ran up to someone and tried to push him. a few people are going to a side street, where there are no riot cops yet. Corner of Lombard and Foss, and a line of cops is preventing anyone moving south. Dispersal order continues to be put out. Lines of bike cops are lining the roadside, keeping everyone on the sidewalk.

2:38 pdximc WebRadio- At Chataqua and Lombard a group has stopped to wait for the rest. There is not a way to get out. The cops have formed a line but are not yet advancing on the 300 or so people. Police now approaching from the North.

2:36 KBOO: around 30 swat team members armed with batons and around 50 police cars 2 swat units... People can't get to Columbia park, even to get to their bicycles.

2:38 KBOO: we're being herded down Lombard east and there's even an armored vehicle. 2 people arrested that this reporter saw, one taken from a car and dragged to sidewalk.

2:43 KBOO: videographer being confronted by protesters. He claims to be with KPTV, not the police.

dissipating 21.Aug.2003 15:01


2:56 Columbia Annex: Apparently the pressure to move folks eastward stopped at Chataqua and Lombard, and most people have dispersed. No confirmation whether there will be reconvergence downtown.

radicals or facists?? 21.Aug.2003 15:07

no fan of ultra radicals aka 'get a grip'

[[2:43 KBOO: videographer being confronted by protesters. He claims to be with KPTV, not the police. ]]

Just heard this confrontation on KBOO. The protesters kept badgering this individual for a name. Rightly he said he did not have to tell them. GET A FUCKING GRIP ON YOURSELVES!! If this is true that the photographer was from KPTV this would be disgraceful. How can we talk about defending civil liberties and then go on some wild 'police agent' witch hunt? For christs sake restrain yourselves! You'll make us all look like a bunch of crazy left wing nazis.

difference? 21.Aug.2003 15:15


"He claims to be with KPTV, not the police."
Is there a difference? Any footage shot by the corporate media will be voluntarily turned over to the police so any corporate media videographer is essentially a police agent. Why should they not get the same treatment a police camera would if the ends are the same?

You are facists 21.Aug.2003 15:22

tired of your bullshit

Why don't you people get a fucking grip on reality. The world does not ow you SHIT! You have to make your own way and stop looking for handouts. Yes we should look out for ur fdellow man, but gues what, I can take care of my own and don't need you to tell me how to do it. Stay the fuck out of my business and start worrying about your own. If you did that you would realize you don't have enough time to stand around for stupid ass reasons. All the bullshit you were told in school about you are not responsible or accoutable was crap. You will be held accountable!

you'll be okay 21.Aug.2003 15:26

fruit bat

You seem very hostile. Take a walk or something.

Fruit Bat

Maybe 21.Aug.2003 15:37

Tired of your bullshit

but I am really tired of all this crap and the pending downfall of our country because of people who exploit its freedoms

breathe 21.Aug.2003 15:43

the deepening gloom

just remember you have you freedoms because people have made the point of exercising them. just like your brains or muscles.

get a grip? ultra radiacals? 21.Aug.2003 15:46

energized and enthusiastic

You sound like Bill O'Reilly or Rush Limbaugh talking about "ultra liberals". Let's just make up words without meaning and label people with them and we can all pretend we're in junior high again. How about this instead, can we start talking about positions, beliefs, thoughts, analyses, philosophies and anything and everything but throwing labels around?

Also, to the tired bullshit poster, it's easy to see people trying to throw off the oppression that you benefit from as a disadvantage to you, and it is, but don't confuse that with someone actively oppressing you. No one is trying to set up an "anarchist state" that forces everyone to live the same way. Anarchism has the same goals of libertarianism (without the corporate oppression) which is to let people live however they want to live. In other words, I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life, don't tell me how to live mine.

But you're right, there very well could be a downfall coming, but like the fall of Rome it will come from the corruption above. It amazes me that people keep saying how protests aren't effective and yet will then say protesters will bring about the downfall of the country. It is this administration that has led us into multiple wars, alienated our allies, destroyed our credibility, and embarked on the most ambitious project to destroy our domestic security and prosperity, all so they can make hundreds of millions more dollars that they cannot possibly spend within their lifetimes.

But the downfall needn't be severe, and that all depends on how many people wake up to the warning signs and begin to act on them. Do some reading on the American Revolution. Many people then thought as you did and didn't want people threatening the status quo, especially when it benefited them. In the end, it was a small, committed, brave group of people that pushed hard for change. The same is happening now. It's time to end the corruption, the lies, and the looting and demand accountability, honesty, and liberty.

Tired of all this crap? 21.Aug.2003 15:54

me, too

but I am really tired of all this crap and the pending downfall of our country because of people who exploit its freedoms

You mean, of course, the people who steal from the poor to enrich their friends; who corrupt the democratic election process and claim a mandate; who desert their military obligations, then send patriotic soldiers off to die; who threaten freedom-loving Americans with terrorism, imprisonment, and death; who trash the constitution and the laws of the nation; who serve Satan and call him Jesus; and who deny American citizens their constitutional right of protest? Is that,/u> what you're tired of?

Well, so am I. So are all those that protested today.