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Preachin to the choir

We woulda got a lot more bang for our buck, if we could have bussed a couple of thousand protestors to the Descutes Fairground.
Shoulda seen all them nimrods out there fallin all over themselves to lick bush.
??? 21.Aug.2003 14:10


Is there anyone over there protesting???

There still is hope in this world! 21.Aug.2003 14:33


See this is how it wurks...you gotta have the bucks first to get the bang. Some day you will figure it out.

Bang for the Buck 21.Aug.2003 15:57

Portland Ponderer

Perhaps we are going about this the wrong way. Bush has $$$ backing him, so any protest near him will not get seen, the cops and radicals attacking them will be the story covered.

If we want to "speak softly and carry a big stick" we should find nonviolent ways to protest, and make them highly visible, in unexpected places. Everyone expects a protest near where Bush is, but what about in fron of ODOT traffic cameras? Television Weather cameras at newstime?

We should study what our more creative friends are doing, like Code Pink, and use our imaginations to come up with creative and highly visible things to do that are low cost and violence free.

more creative 21.Aug.2003 17:26


Yes, Portland Ponderer....I believe it is time to come up with other ways to protest. These street protests have their value, and I don't want to make them sound useless or anything, but I have read those signs and I know that there are a lot of creative people out there! I am up for non-violent creative ideas out there.

Why Not Stop Protesting? 21.Aug.2003 18:28

A Wob

Why Protest at all? We need to get out and organize and talk to the people in the neighborhoods listen to them and talk with them. Like ODOT cmaeras would do anything, z-grade protest...

The strongest form of protest - Vote 21.Aug.2003 19:49


It will be time to stop protesting soon and time to focus on the only hope for change. That is to work sincerely to get others to vote and not vote for Bush. This will never be accomplished with an attitude of hostility, or whining. In order to get others to consider voting for someone other than bush or voting at all, we need to be good listeners, and discuss issues in mature, rational ways that the people we are talking to can hear and relate to.

You don't need to convince me not to vote for him. So use your energy now that he's come and gone to work as hard as you can to get non voters to vote and Bush voters to change. But you cannot do that by alienating them.

This alone will get us what we want - bush out of office.

Voting is a good part of the answer... 21.Aug.2003 21:07

Portland Ponderer

Voting is a key start to get Bush out, but let's face it - our vote counts in every case except for president.

Education is what we need for starters. Educating people about who has done what, and which candidates stand for what you agree with is another key element necessary to effect a real change.

Supporting those who are not helping who we wish to get rid of can help us get the influence we want. If we do not like Bushj, perhaps we need to support the actions of any politician opposing him on important issues, and write emails and such topersuade other politicians to oppose him as well. (Ron Wyden is very receptive to email - just a hint).

thoughts for next time 22.Aug.2003 10:03


I think the protest is great, but considering the fact of the rediculous $2000 plate lunch in the building next to us, how awesome would it have been to have organized a feed the homeless type of thing right where we were standing. This would have taken much more planning, initiative and $$, but I think it would have been well worth all of that. It would have been great in and of itself, and it would have been a great statement next to those in the building. The media could not possibly put a bad spin on that.

Re: Next Time 22.Aug.2003 23:45


Nose: I agree wholeheartedly!!!!! That would be the PERFECT response - a feeding of the homeless. And what cost? Those who are capable - make a meal - bring it down - feed people. We don't have to go broke to fight the rich. We just do what we are all capable of and it will be enough. Someone once said "if everyone who could, were to give just one dollar.....I'd be rich". Well, I have one meal in my home, how about you!