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Standoff on Woolsey

southbound traffic on Woolsey is still blocked, but now Lombard traffic is flowing. Demonstrators are being surrounded by cops at Columbia Annex park
1:02 Motorcade has left, donors have not. At N. Lombard and Portsmouth, protesters were in a standoff with police, blocking road, being threatened with chemical weapons. Motorcade left already, protesters were kept a block back, and nobody blocked the motorcade. Around 30 more cops have arrived. Around 40 people are in the road. Many on the sidewalk... Chief of Police woman is announcing that these folks are "interfering with Portland law and that chemical weapons will be used to get people off the streets". A group is running away from the cops back down Lombard. Now more people are dispersing with bike cops bringing up the rear going up N. Hodge Ave away from the college.

1:35 SW corner of Woolsey and Lombard where people had been pushed off the street to allow a bus to go through. one person arrested, people chanting let him go, putting him in the van right now, maybe two of them, Police with bikes making barricades, a few cars coming through with riot gear inside them. Report is that People have had their masks pulled off, one person had her glasses broken, although there has been no pepper spray yet. around 100 people on one side, 50 on the other side. Riot cops are lining up in middle of street and blocking off east bound lane of Lobard. People had dispersed. Police are wielding batons and tear gas guns. There is no active resistance. Riot cops are replacing the line of bike cops are blocking Lombard, tear gas cannister-wielding cop walking around telling people what to do.

1:45 KBOO report A bus full of people at the Bush Luncheon were stopped for around 15 minutes by a group of protesters. In the meantime an ambulance had been allowed to pass. Then the bus was allowed to pass after that. Then around 200 people were lined up along the sidewalk, shouting at the police, and there are also bike police and several cars.

1:49 KBOO report --Andrew at SW corner of Columbia Annex park and around 200 people collected and were trying to block a bus full of donors, and there are around 150 protesters now, and around 60 police. At least 2 arrests, about 10 minutes ago. People are on public property or in the park, seems to be a standoff, being threatened with chemical agents and non-lethal weapons if they don't get into the park. People are mostly already in the park. People are moving off the sidewalk into the park. Screams in response to the threat that chemical weapons will be used in the name of the people of oregon are that "we ARE the people of Oregon!"

1:54 The lines of riot police are moving up to the edge of the sidewalk onto the street. Chants of "We're non-violent how bout YOU?" Police are videotaping everybody.
correction needed: not "non-lethal" but rather "less lethal" 21.Aug.2003 14:09


1:49 KBOO report --Andrew at SW corner of Columbia Annex park ... being threatened with chemical agents and non-lethal weapons "

There seems to be a notion that these weapons are non-lethal. That notion needs to be corrected again and again.

The weapons, chemical and otherwise, are lethal. It is more proper to refer to them as "less lethal" as use of them can be lethal, but if used according to "directions,'" the probability of death of the victim is lower than if standard-issue sidearms had been used. Of course, if sidearms are used, and the PO aims at a foot or leg, that also would tend to decrease the liklihood of death of the vistim. But as a general rule, use of pepper spray, rubber bullets, and batons, does not usually result in death, but can (and does, as at least one person in Seattle dies due to chemical weapon exposure).

So please, refer to these as "less lethal" not "non-lethal".

Don't let somebody else control the vocabulary.


peaceful for now 21.Aug.2003 14:15


2:11 p.m. groups of riot cops got in their vans and took off, and there is still a line of cops and most of the demonstrators are sitting down in the shade or playing leap frog in the park. Pedestrian traffic and car traffic is now being allowed to move freely. riot cops are dispersing and are being replaced by bike cops... . and now even these kiops are dispersing.

more 21.Aug.2003 14:30


2:11 groups of riot cops got in their vans and took off, and there is still a line of cops and most of the demonstrators are sitting down in the shade in the park. Pedestrian traffic and car traffic is now being allowed to move freely. riot cops are dispersing and are being replaced by bike cops.... now these kops are also dispersing

2:16 Line of riot cops just showed up some have been peppersprayed some bikes were thrown down. Some people are being treated for pepper spray injuries, line of riot cops is surrounding the groups of demonstrators in the park, people are dispersing eastbound through the north end of the park down Lombard, away from the line of cops.

2:17 The police have announced that the park is closed, and are being ordered to disperse. there are around 200 people still in the park. The police line has been pushed closer into the park near the corner. Traffic is being diverted to go down Woolsey.

2:19 webradio the sidewalk is being closed off by bike cops. The other end of Columbia Annex park is still open. A group of riot cops is moving on the west side of the street, to force people to move east. Most people are dispersing, some are gathering at SW end behind cops, 3 groups and 4 videographers are trying to talk with riot cops who are spreading out

2:20 KBOO reporter is talking with one man was just gouged in the calf with a police bicycle, at a distance of around 3 arms length from the protesters. Pepper spray seems to be prepared to be deployed. Robocops coming into North End of park. police now heading down on the south side of the street, and people walking on north side. Park is now nearly empty of protesters, and they are mostly on the other side of the street. police truck with a loudspeaker is approaching that might double as a paddy wagon.

2:24 pm threats to arrest people in the park, but they are letting some of the people out slowly and seem to be maintaining a roadblock on the north end.

2:20 KBOO Lisa Hamid heard officer say they are planning to "sweep it" --

2:26 Park is nearly empty, batons are drawn, police are walking slowly toward citizens

2:27 webradio - around 100 people still on the other side of the street.

May Day 2000 relived 21.Aug.2003 14:31


2:30 protesters are being encircled by police

more radio reports 21.Aug.2003 14:44


2:30 protesters are being encircled by police. They are pushing pedestrians, bikes were shoved

into people. The Church end of the sidewalk is being closed off, they are pushing people

forward, one person is being arrested... People are being pushed back. Demonstrators are being

forced east down the street by a line of riot cops.

2:32 Riot cops are moving up and a crowd of at least 100 is being escorted on both sides by

riot cops and bike cops. People have linked arms and are slowly moving forward in front of the

riot cops. Sheriffs dept and PPD are all here. The street side is now open

2:24 Riot cops ran up to someone and tried to push him. a few people are going to a side street, where there are no riot cops yet. Corner of Lombard and Foss, and a line of cops is preventing anyone moving south. Dispersal order continues to be put out. Lines of bike cops are lining the roadside, keeping everyone on the sidewalk.

2:38 At Chataqua and Lombard a group has stopped to wait for the rest. There is not a way to get out. The cops have formed a line but are not yet advancing on the 300 or so people. Police now approaching from the North.

2:36 KBOO around 30 swat team members armed with batons and around 50 police cars 2 swat units... People can't get to Columbia park, even to get to their bicycles.

2:38 KBOO being herded down Lombard east with an armored vehicle. 2 people arrested that this reporter saw, one taken from a car and dragged to sidewalk.