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KATU: The BIG fight

KATU: The BIG fight
Check out what this KATU "reporter" calls a big fight. I'm not sure if the couple of individuals that started the shoving match were just overly frustrated or provocateurs, but you can clearly see the rest rapidly chilled the situation. Nice work to all you peace minded folks.

Check the link:  http://easylink.playstream.com/katu/030821protester_assault.wvx

Resist as if your live depends on it, because it does.


homepage: homepage: http://easylink.playstream.com/katu/030821protester_assault.wvx

Proof Corporate Media lies 21.Aug.2003 13:24


KATU's video clip of the "assault" and "huge fight" only made them look even more ridiculous. They should be ashamed of themselves (Aimee Clark and the whole KATU bunch).

Good work protestors 21.Aug.2003 13:32

Very funny footage

Thank you for blocking the camera from filming this "huge fight"

Corporate media is in bed with the police. They should not be taking footage of protestors. Stop them. Stop their lies.

Great chant...right in the corporate whore's face. Good work.

Staged 21.Aug.2003 13:37


That is pretty silly. "Amy" was assaulted???

Thanks to IndyMedia, we do have a choice. "We" don't need the corporate media to get "our" point across-- no matter what KATU thinks.

If you want to remain a slave to the industrial state, stay tuned to KATU

Once again......mainstream media hypes it up! 21.Aug.2003 13:39

Shredded Wheat

All it was was a scuffle. I did not see anybody get hit, Just some pushing, shoving, and yelling. I also LOVE the way the KATU anchor was quick to defend her profession. There was a time when I could respect the media but now all they are is a bunch of propagandists in the New World Order. Jello Biafra is right. We must "become the media!".

Cant see link 21.Aug.2003 14:57


Is there Quicktime of that clip? I can't view the one posted. Thanks!!


Send KATU e-mail!


Thought you all would like this pic I got of a cop.

Why secrecy? 21.Aug.2003 15:00


What's the rationale behind "They should not be taking footage of protestors." ? Creating a "sitaution," not taking responsibility for the consequences and seeking to hide the evidence sounds like the same thing you are protesting against. Whazzup with that?

This is why 21.Aug.2003 15:32


Because of things like the Patriot Act. They film you, track you down, arrest you, put you on "lists", don't allow you to fly on airlines...seriously. In Seattle, during the LEIU protest, we were just watching, waiting, then nabbing people as they were walking away. Not to sound paranoid, but Big Brother likes to watch the protesters....now YOU'RE a domestic terrorist for standing on the streets with your protesting pals.

the real deal 21.Aug.2003 15:44


the scuffle seen in the video footage was suppose to be a non-violent action taken against the young male with curly hair in the middle of the circle. Amist him yelling "GOD HATES QUEERS" and promising violence against protesters that take any direct action, he was holding a sign that said "Bush is the man". The scuffle was caused due to a misunderstanding by the big fellow who was pushed out of the way. If the corporate media would've taken a moment to listen to what the people around this "scuffle" were yelling - they would've understood it had nothing to do with them - just that particular individual.