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9.11 investigation

Escape From Portland - Commuter Hell

Bush Family Protest at 3rd and Salmon Downtown (for those that can't make it to UP)
Bush twisted-little-shrub ... Protestors City Wide are converging on 3rd and Salmon Downtown for FINAL 'divide & conquer' MARCH

1/2 dozen separate 1,000++ groups will head out into six different directions

Fun for the entire Family Great chance for the entire family to see how FREEDOM looks in America.

ALL downtown Portland to be declared City/Prison by Chief Kooker

The commuters of course will want to get out of dodge, but the cops will have the entire downtown barricaded, especially to control access to the FWY's.

As always it will be the cops that cause the problems and NOT the citizens.

Oregon Constitution Guarantee's right of Free Assembly, and the FEDS can't enforce State Law.