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Ch 8 coverage

Ch 8 reports that the bike cops have disappeared... wonder where they went... also Ch 8 also wasn't allowed to tape the speech live, but were allowed to bring their video gear in, unlike Amy Pincus Merwin... that Bush will be flying out just after 1 pm, flying out to Central Oregon with Kulongoski as his escort, go the Descutes Fairgrounds in Redmond, arriving around 2 p.m. today. Wildfires being shown all over the place will have helecopters flying over them to show Bush that arsonists are doing their job...3:50 pm the speech that was just finished at U0fP will be replayed on Ch 8 Interviews were predictable
Call letters? 21.Aug.2003 12:49


What are the call letters and/or website for channel 8?

There is an amusing video clip on the Channel 2 (KATU) website, where a confused anchor admonishes the protestors for lashing out at the corporate media that they "need!"

No need for the corporate feed 21.Aug.2003 13:03


I don't need the media conglobs. Last time I trusted corporate media to inform me of a protest situation downtown, I believed their report/interpretation of the fair and balanced police presense downtown, and they led me into police controlled arena of brutality.

Keep indy media alive and informing our activists.

Channel 8 21.Aug.2003 13:10


channel 8 is KGW and their website is kgw.com, but you have to register to view any content it seems...

web 21.Aug.2003 13:12



Sports games pre-empt everything 21.Mar.2005 22:27

What good is a TV quide if you never follow it.

I, for one am full to The brim and running over with sports.Programs are pre-empted just when ever it suites someone.I think this is unfair and undefendable. People who are not sports fanatics have a right to watch their choice of programs with out having to try to figure out where it has been moved to and when. When is enough enough..I want to watch my shows too.