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Let's give Portland a shout out

I've seen a bunch of comments from people stating their support and solidarity from across the country, let's put them in one place and show our love for those who are brave enough to stand up for what we all believe.
Wherever you are how about giving a shout out to people in Portland. Never posted before? It's easy, hit "add comment" and let us know where you're reading from. Show your solidarity, your love, and your support. Portland Indymedia doesn't keep information that can be used to identify where readers are coming from, so the only way people know is if you tell us so seize the opportunity.

Home Sweet Home

I'm so proud of Portland. Looks and sounds like more than the 250 protesters CNN is reporting.

Solidarity 21.Aug.2003 12:15


Go Portland - we're watching from Pittsburgh in solidarity & unity

Portland leads the USA 21.Aug.2003 12:24


We're watching and cheering you from Wisconsin!

YES! YES! YES! 21.Aug.2003 12:26


Portland, thanks for doing us all proud. We're eagerly awating the arrival of Shrub tomorrow up here in Seattle, and many are looking to do more than just stand with a sign and smile.

Washington watching and waiting... 21.Aug.2003 12:26


We're up here in WA waiting for our turn!! Raise your voices loud Portland - let's give him 2 days he won't forget!

Shout Out from Seattle 21.Aug.2003 12:28

love conquers hate

Yo! Thanks Portland for standing tall against the destructive and divisive oily regime headman.
We hope to give him a similar greeting here tomorrow. Love.

Speak Out! 21.Aug.2003 12:29

Lorraine in Sacramento

Speak out Portland! If this man is so "popular" why is he protested every place he goes? Speak Out! Sacramento cheers you on...

SOLIDARITY! 21.Aug.2003 12:36


Solidarity from JERSEY.

From sea to shining sea, let revolution ring!

SHOUT OUT FROM FLORIDA 21.Aug.2003 12:37


Way to go Portland! Good on you!!


Greta Camuso

I'm sitting in my work, but my heart and energy is with all of those who are exercising their civic rights. THIS USURPER SHOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN IN TO THE POSTION OF POWER. It is time for us to remind the governement who is paying their $150,000 plus annual wages! TAKE BACK THE GOVERNMENT! Keep making mainstream media acknowledge our outrage. Peace.

WAITING FOR THE ONE DAY 21.Aug.2003 13:06


seattle says leave some for us!

"Portland Media Lies!" 21.Aug.2003 13:12


Great job of using the TeeVee media whores!! One of KATU's more bimboesque chatterboxes was trying to exaggerate the "chaos" caused by anarchists burning a flag. The video itself showed there was clearly no chaos, but it didn't keep Ms Hairspray from gasping on like a grade school baby; probably hadn't ever been in a crowd of people before, aside from Costco. Eventually a pushing match broke out, maybe all of 30-45 seconds worth, and this reporter just about pees herself! "I've just been assaulted! The cameraman just got assaulted! I'm in the middle of a HUGE fight" she squeeled! Our group (here at work) were howling -even the conservative guy was laughing at her stupidity!

But the best part, is that as soon as she started hyping up the otherwise peaceful crowd, some guy started chanting "Portland media lies! Portland media lies!" and channels 2's live feed broadcasted the whole hysterical thing as the chants completely drowned out Ms Hairspray! I almost wept with glee and pride!

Office Solidarity 21.Aug.2003 13:21


Everyone in the office here is in solidarity with the protesters in Portland. Keep up the good work, guys!

Shout Out from N. Cal! 21.Aug.2003 13:28

The Circle-A

Lots of us wish we were there!

In solidarity from N. Cal!

Portland ROCKS!!!

Thanks! 21.Aug.2003 14:06


So glad y'all were out today. Wish I could've been there. We'll see what happens here north of ya tomorrow!

thanks from Austin TX 21.Aug.2003 14:22


Portland can always be counted on to stand up to the Supreme Evil Doer!

link to Austin indymedia

hola from rhode island 21.Aug.2003 15:33


Hell yea. Keep on whuppin' that Bush ass Portland!

Good job Portland...we're next. 21.Aug.2003 15:49


Keep up the good work!

Fight the Shrub, he lies, soldiers die.

Thanks, Portland 21.Aug.2003 20:02


Just another Alaskan saying Thank You. Good job! Keep making them have to hide behind thicker and thicker walls.

far out! 21.Aug.2003 21:11



i'm forwarding this out.. chitown loves ya!