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Shrub has arrived

around 11:30 motorcade passed through
11:32 KBOO Lisa - bottleneck at Willamette Blvd and so hundreds of protesters started walking down Stanford Ave, past cordoned off neighborhoods. Close to Lombard, protesters have turned around and are coming back because the cops are denying access to Lombard, so instead of stopping at Portsmouth Park, protesters have turned back toward U 0f P. Yelling Bush go home.
11:34 KBOO Andrew: Presidential Motorcade arrived around 5 minutes ago, a raucous boo from 2000-3000 folks. Cops are not getting too much more aggressive, staying 15-20 feet away, loud yells of "Bush Go Home" as limos passed by.
Coverage of protest picking up 21.Aug.2003 11:56


They just showed the protest AGAIN on MSNBC. That's 2 times in the last 20 minutes. They called it "significant."

Check this out from infoshop news: "Bush's father, former President George Bush, used to refer to Portland as "Little Beirut" because of the protesters he encountered during his visits."

flag burning and one arrest 21.Aug.2003 11:57

kboo listener

11:39 KBOO Steve. One woman just got arrested, putting her in handcuffs, police everywhere, completely surrounding Chiles center... crowd is very loud, .. crowd is getting pretty upset... Bush has already driven in.
11:40 KBOO Inside Chiles Convention Center, around 500 attendees and a flag as a backdrop, waiting for introduction by Gordon Smith, which will be followed by Bush. Doors are being carefully shut tightly to avoid getting teargas into the building.
11:42 KBOO Lisa police horses and many others following the marchers that went down Stanford. No arrests have been seen by this reporter. Approaching Willamette after being repelled from going down Lombard.
11:44 KBOO Lisa, going onto Willamette, police presence seems very heavy, snipers are on top of the Chiles building.
11:45 KBOO Lisa Lewis bean bag shotguns have been brought out after crowd got really upset when motorcade drove by.,
11:47 Amy Pincus Merwin outside Chiles center, from inform radio news Eugene, wasn't allowed to bring gear in, ran up to where motorcade was going by, Channel 8 videographer physically assaulted her, a 50 year old woman threw her out of the road and knocked her camera down, and another radio person got in her face, although she explained she was reporting for KBOO but is an independent reporter. She would have been able to get in, but wasn't allowed to get her audio gear in, although another KBOO reporter did get in with video.

11:52. By the bluffs someone just burned an American Flag and stamped it out and poured water on it.
11:53 Woman who was arrested, around 40 50 yrs old, climbed the 4 ft barrier police with paintball guns arrested her and dragged her off into the university property.

burning the bluffs? 21.Aug.2003 12:23


What the hell are people doing burning flags by the bluffs??

You're going to create a stampede when the grass goes up.

Use your brain, people.

photo from somewhere 21.Aug.2003 12:57


photo of today

You're joking right? 21.Aug.2003 18:54

porno for pyros

The flag was burned on Willamette St. which is the northern border of the UP, the bluffs are the sothern border of the campus, so they had the entire university between them and the bluff.