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government a21 bush protests

cnn just showed great shot of Portland's people waiting for Bush

Said, Needless to say they won't be putting $$ into his coffers.
great shot of protestors, Bush lied signs!

The plane landed.
protestors on MSNBC right now 21.Aug.2003 11:43

janekat janekat062@yahoo.com

You Portland people rule!!! Now if we can get this going in the other states....


Seattle is ready 21.Aug.2003 12:10


Bellevue WA - Friday
rally at Pike Market - Friday
'nother rally - Sat.
Howard Dean - Sun.

Portland, Seattle, then he comes to Texas 21.Aug.2003 12:44


cnn.com's lowball estimate 21.Aug.2003 13:02


cnn.com is reporting "250 demonstrators" at U of P, in contrast to the "more than 1,000" at last year's Bush visit.


CNN new estimate... 21.Aug.2003 16:01


Same link says "a few thousand" protesters.

I couldn't see how far back the crowd at UP went; I was close to the Portsmouth side of the crowd.