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Bush FUCKS Camp-Sherman/Metolious

HWY 20 closed, Camp Sherman closed to ALL but Rich. ALL campgrounds Closed.

BUSH is Coming - people must leave - Rich People Allowed
In anticipation of BUSH arrival to Deschutes County hwy 20 is closed,

ALL around Metolious/Camp-Sherman have been "evacuated" for the BUSH party tonight.

ALL Jefferson Mtn East is NOW BUSH territory, if your NOT a rich property owner, you are NOT allowed to enter the AREA. Period.


BUSH to have GIANT Party tonight @ camp-sherman ONLY for Rich!

Closed party, No poor people allowed fifty mile radius. Period.
Why would he care? 21.Aug.2003 11:12

Painful Truth

The poor don't vote so why would any "elected" official care?

by the way 21.Aug.2003 12:11

peck's penstemon

The on the ground part of the Bush visit to the Metolious Basin ares has been cancelled. Instead, he will fly around viewing the conviently timed fir from a helicopter.

corporate media crap 21.Aug.2003 12:14


4000 acres near Black Butte Ranch is burning, 60 miles away from Timberline Lodge and this is being emphasized on Ch 8 news in preparation for Shrub's arrival to talk about logging forests to prevent them from burning...

The timing of it is strange 21.Aug.2003 15:12

Shredded Wheat

Before people bestow a tinfoil hat on my head, does anybody find the timing of that fire at Camp Sherman a little weird? More fuel for the fire for so-called president Bush to promote his raping of our forests.

It seems chaos reigns supreme everywhere the Shrub is.

Fires were set for Bush's photo-op, it seems 29.Aug.2003 16:15


Yes, it seems the fires were set on purpose. I have a friend who lives in the area. She asked me to get this message out. She said that there were no lightening strikes for at least two weeks, maybe even three weeks. Two fires (or was it three?) started at the same time, right before Bush's visit. She believes some loggers started them. She's not happy. Her air quality is affected and ashes are falling on her property. You gotta admit, it's all very suspicious.