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We are under house arrest since early this morning
We live on Portsmouth Avenue, about 7 blocks from UP. This morning we found that our house had been cordoned off by yellow police tape (we do not know exactly when it was placed there; we found it about 0930. My partner was told that WE ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE SIDEWALK. The neighbors across the street, with their big "we-heart-bush" ARE "allowed" on their sidewalk, however - pictures clearly show this fact.

In addition to the crime tape, there are about a dozen robo's and a large van stationed kitty corner from us. Four horse cops are patroling (or should I say "trolling"?) in front of our house.

About five minutes ago about six large RAZ busses drove down Portsmouth, followed by the usual phalanx of the Nazis we pay for....

I am really really angry.

I am also really really sad - a different neighbor across the street told us that if people just wouldn't "act up" (and we assume that she is referring specifically to us) none of this would have to happen. (baa.)

get your story out!! 21.Aug.2003 11:18


call the psu rearguard or the alliance to tell your story!!! this is bullshit!!
rg: 503.725.2966
alliance: 503.239.2991

citizen, call kboo 21.Aug.2003 11:23


call kboo. ask to get on the air. have them set up a conference call with Tommy Brooks (Vera's butt-boy) to explain this nazi horsehit to you!!

Prior restraint 21.Aug.2003 11:45


If the actions you have described were in fact taken by the police in an official act, then the term for that is "Prior Restraint" and it is patently illegal action on the part of the police. It's a violation of your rights and you should get a lawyer and sue them for both the violation and for puntative damages.

Raise hell about this! 21.Aug.2003 13:47

Shredded Wheat

That is just bullshit! The police obviously had some motives to deny you your freedoms. If I were you I would get this story out to as many people as possible. Don't let your guard down! Here's a link for you. It some people who may help you out.


You must make a big stink about this. You must talk to as much people as possible.

Please keep us posted to what happens!


NoPo neighbors 21.Aug.2003 14:00


So let me get this straight... Your house was blocked off, but your neighbor's across the street was not??

Thank you 21.Aug.2003 14:21

citizen (human)

Thank you for your comments, especially the person with the information about prior restraint.

We have done what we could to get this word out - not only on PDX IMC but WBAI (crummy interview), KPFA (really great interview with Dennis Bernstein), all of our friends and relatives, by phone and e-mail.

Tonight we are attending the Multnomah Dems opening of their office at 232 NE 9th Ave (9th and Everett). We are especially interested in speaking with any office-holders who may be there - like mayor wanna-be Francisconi. All are welcome.

People "Acting Up". 21.Aug.2003 21:22

Lisa D.

I saw just a few incidences of "Acting Up" today: This afternoon, on the North side of Hurst and Lombard, there were a couple of Pro-Bush supporters yelling angrily at the anti-Bush protesters as they were peacefully dispersing from Columbia Park. That, and the swarm of dozens of cops in riot gear as they swarmed across my neighbors lawn to confront a single bicycle rider. Incidently, the bicycle rider was riding up Hurst, towards Lombard, had no protest signs, and was doing nothing illegal. You can see a video of this at www.kptv.com. Click on the "Pepper Spray" video. One more incidence of "Acting Up". I had a large sheet hanging on my fence with the message "Bush Lies". It has been torn down and removed. Hmmmm....wonder who did that?