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Marchers have left the Park

KBOO call-in
10:26 Andrew Steltzer - Around 1000 marchers up Woolsey Street, turning down Willamette, and police are not stopping the march north on Willamette. Bike cops are among the marchers. Mike from Street Roots got press credentials, tried to get in to listen to president speak, and he was id'd to secret service and he was escorted off the premises, and refused entry

10:28 Lisa Hamid N. Portland and N. Woolsey, hundreds of marchers are turning the corner , 10 police SUV's packed with Riot Cops heading North along woolsey, toward the 30 or so pro-bush demonstrators. People are coming by the hundreds, signs, "soccer mom's for peace" "bring the troops home", "this flag is our flag". More paddy wagons are turning toward the park up N. woolsey. "Cut the Bushes for a Healthy Forest Plan" People are finding that the entire campus has been completely closed off, with cyclone fencing,

10:31. Everyone has left the park, all taking the streets, heading toward the University. On the corner of N. Willamette and N. Woolsey

10:32. Portsmouth and Willamette, police presence getting heavier.