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pdx indy report 10:18 from N. Portland

10:18 a.m. Portland Blvd report to web radio-- caller says that at intersection of Willamette and Portsmouth, in the designated protest zone in front of University and red domed building. Many signs, although most folks are still over at the rally at Columbia Park. Police presence fairly light in front of the University, maybe a couple dozen cops. Both sides of Portsmouth are totally blocked off with fencing and tape. Willamette Street blocked off for at least 5 blocks between Olin and Portsmouth and people can be in the street there. The bike lanes are also blocked off. Biking around in the neighborhoods, many streets leading up to Willamette and Portsmouth are blocked off. Some donors cars, around 6 of them got out of a limo about a block from here just now.

Yeah 21.Aug.2003 22:46


Rosie Sizer
did a great job (Police chief wannabe that she is).

selective enforcement and all,

Chief Kroeker will probably give her a commendation.

Oh, that's right

You have to shoot a mentally ill minority to get one of those in Portland.