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KBOO call-ins at 10:05 a.m. from N. Portland

a couple calls I heard on the radio
Call into KBOO from N. Portsmouth, crime tape from Willamette blvd to Lombard. Police told caller/resident not to walk on street, indefinitely until the president is gone. 6 robocops, 4 sheriffs 1/2 block away at corner another 6, 3 blocks down the street toward University of Portland, crime tape across the front of eveyone's yard. Caller feels that this constitutes house arrest for hundreds of residents of N. Portland.

KBOO call-in report - Columbia Park annex, people starting to gather peacefully, police out en masse, swat team from salem, 20 cops full riot gear, wrist bracelets, PPD, around 300 police. Feels very intimidating, he thinks there's around 1 cop for every 3 people there.