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Bread. Rose. Circus.
Welcome to the 2003 A21 Portland Confrontational!
Good morning Rose City!

And welcome to the 2003 A21 Portland Confrontational. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day to sing Derail (to) the Chief as crowds gather to the University of Portland where today holds the promise of being a significant element in defining the American sociopolitical landscape for the next one hundred years.

Radiohead will be the opening entertainment before the First Half; and this just in. John Ashcroft, who is on his Patriot Act Defensive Tour will not be in Portland to throw out the first stun grenade as previously scheduled. Your loss John. This town has some folks who were just aching to have an exchange of dialog with you. And we at the Sports Desk understand that the Mayor has been de-barnacled in preparation for your visit. Maybe next time.

And we wish a special good morning to all those rich shut-ins on the cruise ship anchored in town. We know how " those black hoodies" have become naughty media darlings to those in the dosh.

So on with Bread. Rose Circus. Enjoy the show!

Guy SoBored
Situationist Sports Desk