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Radiohead pimping Bush protest for "rock glamour"

I dont like the idea of some big $$ rock band using our protest for their own self agrandizment.
Who among the organizers have had contact with the band ? What are their plans,and will they conflict with the protest? It`s a pretty small park,,,,
How better to broadcast protest? 20.Aug.2003 22:20


I never bought a Radiohead album until this one because it's entitled, "Hail to the Thief."
Re: Bush stole the election. Now there's going to be a video on corporate TV and you're complaining? Go crawl in a hole.

Radiohead 20.Aug.2003 23:30


I heard that Radiohead will be putting on a free concert and filming a music video at the Bush protest!! So tell all your friends to show up tomorrow, 10 am SHARP!!

this is exciting 20.Aug.2003 23:54

sorority grrrl

This is exciting. I heard they're giving away free radiohead tee shirts to black bloc for the video.

hail to the chimp 20.Aug.2003 23:58

Chumbawamba's little monkey

you've got it all wrong. radiohead need the money and thats why the agreed to support the real headliner: MICHAEL JACKSON in the park tomorrow. he will be promoting his new album "hail to the chimp"

radiohead are true anarchists and will no doubt help the blac bloc FSU. they had a very long and hard debate over whether to support jackson and after conferring with Chumbawamba they decided it was worth the money.

cool beans...... 21.Aug.2003 00:13

angry peacenik

If I am remembering right......I think that Hail to the Thief song (or another one by them) shows up on one of the INCREDIBLE flashvideos found on www.ericblumrich.com

If am going through the videos there to see if I can find it.....will post a link if I can.

If you haven't seen eric blumrich's work...........SEE IT. It takes the sting out of reality. PARTICULARLY make sure you watch: Idiot Son of an Asshole.....and I think we know who that's about!

Well how fun......a music video at our protest. Excellent!

There's nothing wrong with using capitalism against capitalism. 21.Aug.2003 01:21


Viruses use their hosts to their hosts' destruction, so should we.

entertainment for our angst 21.Aug.2003 09:16


Is this true? Raidiohead in No-Po doing a video shoot? Possibly a concert?

Whatever the reason, perhaps it will get more people to come out.

dummies 21.Aug.2003 09:36


radiohead is in ohio tonight, they won't be "pimping" in portland.

Standing up to an oily thief 21.Aug.2003 10:02


It's great that Radiohead is standing up against the oily thief. We need more groups and people to do this type of thing...we all need to be out there protesting!!



Go back to your frat houses
This is from the Radiohead website:

Location : Blossom Music Center, Cleveland

Show date: 21st August 2003