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Questions re:permits

Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but
Is it true that the city actually OFFERED a permit to use the streets around UP? If so, was this permit offered free of charge? If so, how in the hell does it make any sense to refuse the offer? It seems like certain persons would once again prefer to minimize the effectiveness of the demonstrations over a stupid purist triviality, especially stupid givenf the city OFFERS you a permit, you are not ASKING permission to do anything, but are rather the subject of an attempt at cooperation that would be mutually beneficial to both the city and the protest's presumed main objective (opposing Bush) by minimizing violence and conflict. Am I missing something here?

And don't worry; yes, I know: bla bla bla we shouldn't need permits, etc., but I've already seen several potentially effective demonstrations ruined by organizers and participants who care more about their own personal vendettas against the PPB than they do about actually accomplishing anything.

I can't make it back to PDX tomorrow, but good luck to everyone and I'm with you mentally if not physically. Give that worthless fucker the welcome he deserves.
I haven't heard this 20.Aug.2003 22:03


The story I've heard from those asking for permits is that they were requested but not approved.

Permits 20.Aug.2003 22:05


I hear your side of the story. If you would have been at the meetings when the organizers decided that, than it would have been more effective than complaining about it when theres nothing they could do.

And dont complain about not hearing about the meetings. There was a very public one this monday, where they discussed whethor or not there should be a permit. Everyone was invited and it was a feature on indymedia.

Permit vs non permit argument: I dont believe that anything will be solved at all about talking about this a day before the demo. Rosie sizer the police commander of the central precinct did not allow PPRC to recieve a permit for a march, asking rather the Portland Says No to Bush organization instead. She knew that the Portland Says No group, would not take one and used it to stop Portland Peaceful response coaltion (PPRC) from receiving one. We should be discussing this, not whethor or not we should get one. We should be asking why the police are trying to split up a movement over something that shouldnt be decisive.

Permit on File 20.Aug.2003 22:50


We have an ongoing permit on file. It is called the Constitution.

Actually..... 21.Aug.2003 00:22

A gal

Actually, we should be discussing why we ALLOWED PPB to succeed at dividing us -- not that they attempted to divide us. wooooo, 1 point for PPB.

Well, IF in the meeting notices there was notice that a topic discussion on whether to accept the permit or not, I would have gone. Because the protest would be much smoother and more effective if we had a permit.

Sorry if I don't want to get involved in the whole movement thing.....but I didn't learn till last night that there was no permit. I know now that I should ASK.

So...there was a suppression of KEY INFORMATION for weeks on this site (that there was No permit and that no one was going to get one on purpose; and then that the "group" declined the offer of one). THAT's what we need to be discussing........... Shoot.....I would have started my own group and applied for a permit.

suppression? 21.Aug.2003 00:38


That's a little extreme, don't you think? Granted there have been a lot of stories going up but several have mentioned that there were no permits. Here are 3 I found right off the bat but there are likely more going farther back.


And I agree with inky and bah. If it bothers people to fully exercise their constitutional rights then those people can choose to stay home. For people that are upset that there is no permit maybe this is a call to do some organizing in the future to help achieve the protest that they wish to be a part of. But it's too late now, and something that can be discussed in the coming weeks but right now, seems like a waste of time.