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Black Bloc?

Is there gonna be an actual bloc or will there just be a few of us that get our asses beat to hell?
I'm gonna be there with bells on tomorrow, will I be alone?
I don't have any bells? 20.Aug.2003 21:01

kid in red and black

Well, I don't.

No there will be a bloc 20.Aug.2003 21:58


Dont worry there will be a bloc forming for this protest.

If your worried about getting targeted than arrive on time. Most of the folks will have arrived a little early or on time to, so you should be fine.

DO NOT DISCUSS TACTICS!!! 20.Aug.2003 22:46


do not discuss tactics!

this website is regularly monitored by police forces, especially now.

loose lips sink ships

wait... 21.Aug.2003 00:06

out of loop

I thought black block was meeting at Niketown. Nobody tells me anything.

Question 07.Nov.2003 05:49

Against FTAA mlocguy@yahoo.com

How can I get involved with the FTAA demonstrations? I have been searching through the Black Bloc pages and I need help.