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The Portland Surrealists' A21 Statement

Everything that is polluted, dull, wicked, foul, obnoxious, unjust, inhuman, self-absorbed, despotic, repressive, shit-stained, bloodsucking, hypocritical, fascist, dishonest, corrupt and criminal is summed up for us in that one word: BUSH!

As creepy as he is heartless, the murderous businessman in the White House is only the most glaring example of a repressive system bent on expansion and global supremacy. Having launched an unprecedented aggression on the world under the guise of fighting terrorism, the Bush regime represents the most blatant manifestation of capitalism's predatory core.
Perfectly aware of what causes what, the Bush regime has, through their recent massacres in Afghanistan and Iraq, knowingly increased the possibility of future wars and the creation of new enemies. As vice-president Dick Cheney smugly confessed, this is a war that "might not end in our lifetime." Anticipating the profits of such a future, Cheney's words exemplify the oil-slick wet dreams of scoundrels who grow rich with the help of tax revenues extorted from the working class.
The transformation of our living conditions to reflect and satisfy people's needs and desires is the only real way out of this ongoing crisis—a development that would mark the end of hierarchical class society, imperialism, and the toxic industrialism that threatens our lives and the planet's health. The removal of the Bush regime from their position of power would only be the beginning of this transformation.
Like the people of Argentina, it is time for us to discover our own power by getting into the streets with adversarial intent, and crying out for the eradication of all political and economic elites, along with the system that creates them. Our entire lives are waiting to be reclaimed in a battle based on mass refusal and the unlimited imagination.

The Portland Surrealist Group
August 2003

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Bush is a pig fucker 20.Aug.2003 23:50


Bush is a pig fucker.

why? 21.Aug.2003 08:19


Why would you insult a pig fucker like that?