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To the UofP critics

Ive seen alot of flak about having the protest at Portland University and while i was not fond of the idea at first it's grown on me. First of all...i dont know about the rest of you but when Bush leaves portland at 1 or so i dont plan to just go home nor do i plan to stick around in NoPo. If I recall, Day X started of in one place and spread all the way to the SE and to the NE. So before you get your panties in a twist about UofP then dont go and just go downtown and i'll see you there at 2 or so.
...and for the record...NONE of this is pointless..it all hold relevance no matter if you are downtown, NoPo, walking the sidewalks or taking the streets or even just writing a letter to the mayor voicing your opinion.
Just GET OVER IT, and fucking get out there no matter where it is.
I also am not sure why people are so concerned about pissing people off...since when did people start caring about what other people think. Hell, the people that are apparently gonna get pissed are pissing ME off.