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fun and usefull items to bring to a demonstration.

just a few things to make protests more fun and safe (for you, not them). and they're all legal, in case you get arrested.
-things to throw. one great thing to bring is rotten vegetables to throw. makes nice and messy windshields for the visiting republicans, and won't ruin their car, so they can't have you arrested (since there is no damage). and pretty much anything in a paper bag is good to throw. if you don't want to hurt anyone, just fill it with flour or dirt, or a water balloon filled with vegi oil (its hard to swing an oil coated baton on a hot day.). any thrown object will cause someone charging at you to pause, giving you a precious few seconds lead.
-also, a nice stiff piece of wood, preferably bamboo to use as a sign holder/flag/self defense. i'm not suggesting attacking the pigs with it, however, a seven foot long staff will keep anyone from getting closer than seven feet to you.
- a change of outfit. VERY IMPORTANT. under your hoodie/mask/protest gear, dress like a yuppie. they will have cameras, they will be recording you, and they will be taking your description. so if something fun happens and you are involved, the moment you get out, ditch the hoody, etc, and presto chango, you're just some U of P college student or SJ resident out for a stroll. if the cops can't place you at the crime, thats good for you in court.
- of course, safety gear like thick clothing, helmets, masks, etc. and water bottles for refreshment and pepper treatment.
-MIRRORS. these are very nice at blinding cameras being pointed at you, and spying cops, and rooftop snipers, etc etc. and they can't construe using a mirror as an assault or illegal.

so this is just a small list off the top of my head, i'm sure there is more, be creative. oh and just one more word of advice. don't charge the pigs or try to fight a pitched battle with them. they are better armed. if they charge, run away and outflank them. you can always move quicker than they can. hit and run is the key.
have fun. hehehehehe.
You are the reason I do not protest 21.Aug.2003 02:17

Thinking Dissenter

All of your tactics have one underlying theme - preparation for conflict with the police. Conflict is only inevitable if you FORCE it to be. Perhaps the Anti-Bush movement would be better off if none of you protests at U of P, and instead choose other, highly visible methods of protest in areas not saturated with vigilant cops?

If you must protest, please keep it peaceful! If one protester gets out of line, the cameras will be all over it, and mass media can yet again marginalize the whole message behind the protest to begin with. (Remember the start of war protests, Bush last year, etc?) A little self control can go a long way, and maybe just maybe prevent your face being full of mace.

Oh, I forgot . . . . 21.Aug.2003 06:32

solid gold

I'll be sure to leave my brains at home . . . . . sure wouldn't want to use them!

oh, my fault 21.Aug.2003 09:18

solid gold

yeah, i forgot, its usually the PROTESTERS who shoot police and pepper spray them. oh, wait no, that's the POLICE. yeah, its pretty clear that "thinking (apathetic) dissenter" never goes to protests, because you have no fucking clue what goes on there. i'm not here to say "excuse me, but i really disagree with the President's policies, would you please listen?" i'm there to make a point. it's about class warfare, and the police are the hired thugs of the powerful. when they put on the uniform, by neccesity they remove their personal conscience. "just following orders", like all of Hitler's good soldiers. but of course, in the liberal's mind, Nobody's Responsible For Their Actions!!

gently gently we go 21.Aug.2003 09:22


How about a bubble machine.????.. helluva lot more entertaining than a rotten vegetable and not likely to get you arrested.

You could have a sign to go with it saying "I'm here to burst the Bush bubble"

Seriously... treat people the way you would want to be treated. There will be kids out there today, so please try to set an example.

RE solid gold 21.Aug.2003 15:30

Thinking Dissenter

solid gold -

By using warfare and other fightin words, you help the administration turn this into an easily dismissed radical action, which enables them to enact more overarching laws to keep down the malcontents.

Think before you protest, think of what your actions will lead to, and if that truloy is the higher path to take. Sara has trhe right idea, perhaps listening to her could help these protests come off as more successful, and yes, maybe people will listen, if they are treated with respect.

Whatever your belief system, treating others as you would want to be treated is always a good policy that eventuallyreaps dividends of peace. Unless of course you WANT to be pepper sprayed, want to be ebaten or shot at, then by all means, shove the cops, take your gas mask and act like a fool. Please don't do that around kids though, that reallly would make you no better than the bank rober using a baby as a human shield.

Unthinking dissenter 21.Aug.2003 19:21


The Unthinking One still has illusions that the police will not attack if we pway weally weally nice. Dissenter was not here for May Day, 2000, else he would not speak so unwisely. No provocation: we were standing in a park. Permit? Got it. Suddenly, the cops came at us with batons.

I managed to get about a block between me and the main body of people, finally; and I watched as the mounted officers charged their horses into the line of demonstrators. On the sidewalk, no less.

Perhaps you had rather that I take my lucky rabbit's foot than my manriki-gusari when I step outside, but the rabbit's foot and the gusari have a significant difference: a gusari doesn't bring luck, just results.