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Cruise ship of they hyper-wealthy in town for Bush visit?

The cruise ship of the hyper-wealthy arrive in Portland at the same time as (p)Resident Bu$h's fundraiser...such a coincidence!

"People with enough money for a million-dollar home on land will have an interesting option by the first summer of the new millennium....a luxury home on "The World of ResidenSea".The World is an 40,000 ton, 644 foot long luxury liner being built by ResidenSea Inc. The ship will have 110 condo-like homes on it ranging from 1,106 to 3,242 square feet, with prices from $2 million to $6.84 million, and a high-class resort atmosphere. ResidenSea builders expect to finish the ocean liner by late 2001.
The ship will have a maximum capacity of 1090 persons. The 110 private Apartment Condos will house up to 285 residents and 88 guest suites will be available for rent for Apartment owner's guests. The crew of 252 will have Scandinavian officers, European waiters adn international hotel, housekeeping and social staff. Continuous round the world itinerary with a focus on extended stays at the most interesting destinations for in-depth exploration and major events, such as Cannes Film Festival, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and the Grand Prix in Monaco."
yeah 20.Aug.2003 20:36


I wondered that too. Talk about conspicuous consumption!

Someone jealous? 20.Aug.2003 20:47

Dave editor@portlandpolice.net

Is someone jealous or something? lol

Hardly 20.Aug.2003 21:11


No, not jealous. Disgusted. The resources used by such conspicuous consumption could feed and shelter a small country. I think it's pathetic.

Jealous? Hardly! 20.Aug.2003 21:13

Den Mark

Jealous? Hardly! Nauseated, yes. But not jealous.

I wonder... 20.Aug.2003 23:32


I wonder if they will have 'homeless' or poor people on board. I mean, will the ultrawealthy have to 'resort' to moving onto condo cruiseliners to avoid any interaction with the poor or opposing views?

what happens if one breaks the rules of the ship? do they draw and quarter them or keel haul them in the lawless high seas?

what happens if a condo owner loses his/her fortune and has to start 'spanging' on the deck. 'hey man, got any spare millions? my microsoft stock is in the gutter...'

the ramifications are mindbending.

i got so many questions... who's gonna act as sex workers? will there be prostitutes to call for all the men bored with their wives? will there be gigolos for all the women bored with their fat and bloated husbands? will handguns be allowed on board?

what about restraining orders and judges to hand them out? 'you are not to come on this side of the ship when mr. a is on that side. if you do, you will tossed overboard.'

will george w. bush fly in on his helicopter for fundraisers to continue the illusion that the electoral system is still working?

this is gated community gone too far.

i can only WISH these lunatics the 'best', or worst, in their endeavors. enjoy, fucknuts...

: ) 21.Aug.2003 01:22


Damn and I thought p diddy had a boat I wanted to plunder, this boats a fucking gem!

Makes ya wonder... 21.Aug.2003 01:58

Pondering Portlander

Jealous - well, a little, I would love to go to Cannes, but realistically, this is one terrorist attack magnet, if you ask me, armchair security advisor. Their main target, capitalist pigs, floating on a nice big, easily sinkable boat. Seeing how 9/11 did not send the "message" the terrorists meant so send, will this be one of their future targets?

What happens if this is the next Titanic? Does their wealth go to the poor, or do they float to safety on rafts made of air-filled pouches of cash?